Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 12, 2011

Hi Family!!!
How are you all doing?? It appears to me that everybody is doing good and that everybody is staying busy. I am happy to hear that the family is gettting together and that Kirsten is coming down to go to that party, hahah i miss those good ol family reunions!!! I am doing goog here and staying happy!!! The chirstmas season has already got here, but it is really different here because there arent any christmas songs playing on the radio nor is the weather the same, but it is all good. I cannot believe that the time is going by soo fast. This last week went really well. I was invited to a little dinner in the house of an hermana for my birthday and they made me an apple pie. It was soo good!!! and there was also family from the states over so it was interesting talking in english and hearing them speak in english. We sure seem to maintain ourselves busy. there is alot of work that needs to be done and that is getting done, or at least i hope so because we are always busy!!! We are seeing some progress in some of the investigators that we have and we shoule have a baptism this next week for a little boy that is 8. His parents are waiting a divorce in order to get married  and then they can get married, but he has an aunt and an older brother that are already baptized. we are pretty excited about his baptism. We also had another older lady, that recently turned 78 years old, that walked about 23 blocks to go to church. She seems to be a strong woman and she moves around quite well. It is really impressive that she is even willing to walk that far, in the heat that is here, with her age, to go to church. She is a very strong woman and she is doing great, although sometimes it is hard for her to remember the things that we teach her , but she is doing good and she also has a date for the 24 to get baptized.
I am thankful for the time that i have to be a missionary. We had a meeting for the zone leaders in the mission on Wednesday. It usually take almost all the day to have that meeting, but i was able to learn a little more and know how to help the sone where i am in. I am excited for these months because the mission seems to be getting strong as well and the zone where i am at. I am doing great and am very happy with all that is going on. I am also thankful for all that you all do. Thanks for the letters and for the support!!! On Christmas day i will be calling around 3 o´clock. I am not sure what the difference is, i think that it is 4 hours no? i will be calling from here at about 7 o´clock this time, so everybody be ready!!! I will probably talk to Brett then too, no?? Hahaha that is great!! well i hope that you all have a great week!! I love you all!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson