Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 5, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
I am thankful for all the birthday wishes. It is crazy that it is already my birthday and the time of year to start celebrating the birth of Christ. The time keps going faster and faster it seems, and doesnt seem to give me time to do all the things that i have planned for. I guess that is how it goes sometimes in life.
This week we had a special visit by the 70 Elder Aidukaitis. He is from Brazil and is now serving as the 1st counselor in the area presidency here. I had two meetings with him. 1 meeting was with all the zone leaders and him and the other was a zone conference with him speaking. He is a very inteligent man and can teach really well! He is very clear and helps so that we know what we have to do to change and get better. He is pretty up front about alot of things too, which really helped show us what we need to do to improve, or what we are doing wrong so that we can fix it. I am very happy to have had that meeting and i had felt the spirit super strong during the both meetings. He is a very spiritual man and i think that it was good for the mision that he came to speak to us.
Other than that, this week went really well for us. We werre able to find more people and invite more people to baptism as well. We are being very blessed in my area and we have alot of work for now. The time is quickly winding down and i want these last 2 months to be the best! I am doing good here, the work is going well. There is still things that i need to improve and thankg that i ned to get done, but i am very happy with the experiences that i have been having. I feel that i have grown in the past couple of weeks. I love the mission, it is great and it is definitely a place where you can learn sooo many things!! I love it soo much!!
I lovve you all and i am very grateful for all that you have done for me. Tank you very much for the package mom!!! Those truffle are delicious and i almost ate all of the beef jerkey already. I hope that you are all doing well adn that you can be feeling a little better mom. I know that the Savoir lives and that He loves  all of us. I also know that the Book of Mormon is true and am very happy that you are reading the Book of Mormon again dad!! You can always find something new everytime you read it. I am very thankful for the priesthood and to have a prophet on the earth. I love you all and i hope that you all have a great week!!!! Please be safe!!!!
My prayers are with you!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson