Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

Hey Family!!!
How is everybody going???? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week i will be completing a year in the mission!! It is soo crazy how fast time is flying by!!!! I cannot believe that i am here a year in the mission. At times it doesnt seem liek it. I feel like my spanish should be better and i need to learn more about the things that i am teaching. I guess sometimes i dont feel satisfied with myself, but i need ot have patience with myself like with everybody else...

That is crazy that Sean has left on the mission! I cannot believe that... How great!!! Those are good stories that the Bishop has about his mission!! I hope that my mission stores will have goood use like those, even though they arent like those stories.
I think that it is funny that matt has new doggies. It sounds cool that he want to hunt mountain lions!! That shoudl be interesting. I think that the pepper story is super fuinny dad!!!! super funny!!!!!

I am glad that everybody is doing good!!! I hope that mom is feeling better and that she can get over the ache in her body!!!My prayers are always with you all!!!!!!

My week went alright. This next week we have a baptism here in Las Flores. It will be great!!!! The lady that will be baptized is the mother of a recent convert. But this lady is super super ready for her baptism!! Yesterday we visited her and we reviewed the baptismal questions and then we talked to her about the Temple. Just hearing about the baptisms for the dead and the opportunity that her ancestors have to listen to the Gospel makes her cry from joy. She has been sooo happy learning about the Gospel and the blessing it provides her, and i have been super blessed to have been able to teach her. It has been a blessing teach ing her and learing form this experience.

That has been the highlight of this last week in the work. We are going to have this ladys baptism on the 29th. Other than that, my comp and i continue working...

I love you all and i hope that you all have a great week!!!!! How are the grandparents doing?? Good i hope!!! My prayers are with you all and i am very thankful for the letters and your concern for me!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!

Elder Shane Larson