Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 26, 2011

Hey FAMILY!!!!
Well, i hope that everybody had a fun time during Christmas!! That was great talking to you all and that was a huge blessing for me to be able to hear you all and talk. That is such  great blessing to be able to talk from such a long way away! I had a good time this last week. My companion and i just started this transfer this week. We got a couple of changes in the zone. There was an area that was split into 2 and there were elders taken out of one place and sisters put into it. I feel like this is going to be a good transfer here in La Plata. The time is winding down rapidly, but i know that there is still alot of work to be done. I am very happy and grateful for this last year that i was able to be here in Argentina and for the opportunity that i have had to meet some great people and teach them so that they can progress towards our Father in Heavens home. The mission is truly a great experience. This last week i was privlidged to be able to baptize a little boy named Misael. He is only 8 years old, but his parents arent members. they have to do some things in order to be able to be baptized, but he was still baptized theis last friday. He is a great little kid and is alway content. He is super funny as well. When it was time for him to be baptized, we entered the water and he was baptized. He was very happy afterwards and was also expressing his happiness before the baptism took place as well, but i can sure tell you what, i was also very happy after he was baptized. It was great!!! That was a good way to start off the Christmas weekend.
For the weekend we just ate in the pension.  the members gave us alot of food so we were happy about that as well. At night they throw off fireworks and that woke me and my compo up a little bit, but all is well. This week was pretty calm. We hope to have agreat month of missionary work here. I hope that it will be just like that: alot of work and alot of business.
I am really happy that i was able to talk to all of you and i am glad that yor are all doing well. I liked to converse like that. I will enjoying talking to all of you when i return, especially you two, dad and mom!! I love you all very much and i hope that you all have a great week and that you are all safe and that you can have a happy New Years!!!! My prayers are with you all!!
Love Elder Shane Larson

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 19, 2011

Hey Family!!!
This is soo crazy how time is flying by soo fast!!!! I cannot believe it. I am happy that you are all doing well there and that you are all preparing for the holidays. Here we had transfer meetings and i will be ending my mission here in Tolosa. The ward is a great ward and i love working with my companion. we get along really well and the work here is going good for us. I am excited for this next year because there were several changes in the zone and the zone is full of a bunch of great elders and hermanas. This will be a las greeat time to work here in the mission, and to be wuite honest i am really excited!!! I am doing happpy and am happy for the opportunity that i have to talk to you all next week. I will be calling aound 1 in the afternooon on christmas day. I might even try to call on saturday in order to confirm the call. I am very excited now in the mission, all is goin well. I had seen some of my good buddies leave the mission today, and that was kinda sad, but like you said dad, there are many opportunities to prove to our Father in Heaven that we will endure to the end. I thank you all for all the letters and for all the support that you always have given me and that you all give me. I love you all very much and am very thankful for all that you do for me. I hope that you all have a great week and that you have a merry Christmas!!! Be safe!!! My prayers are with all of you!!!
Love ELder Shane Larson
sorry that the letter is soo small.-I will sent a a larger one next week because i have run out of time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 12, 2011

Hi Family!!!
How are you all doing?? It appears to me that everybody is doing good and that everybody is staying busy. I am happy to hear that the family is gettting together and that Kirsten is coming down to go to that party, hahah i miss those good ol family reunions!!! I am doing goog here and staying happy!!! The chirstmas season has already got here, but it is really different here because there arent any christmas songs playing on the radio nor is the weather the same, but it is all good. I cannot believe that the time is going by soo fast. This last week went really well. I was invited to a little dinner in the house of an hermana for my birthday and they made me an apple pie. It was soo good!!! and there was also family from the states over so it was interesting talking in english and hearing them speak in english. We sure seem to maintain ourselves busy. there is alot of work that needs to be done and that is getting done, or at least i hope so because we are always busy!!! We are seeing some progress in some of the investigators that we have and we shoule have a baptism this next week for a little boy that is 8. His parents are waiting a divorce in order to get married  and then they can get married, but he has an aunt and an older brother that are already baptized. we are pretty excited about his baptism. We also had another older lady, that recently turned 78 years old, that walked about 23 blocks to go to church. She seems to be a strong woman and she moves around quite well. It is really impressive that she is even willing to walk that far, in the heat that is here, with her age, to go to church. She is a very strong woman and she is doing great, although sometimes it is hard for her to remember the things that we teach her , but she is doing good and she also has a date for the 24 to get baptized.
I am thankful for the time that i have to be a missionary. We had a meeting for the zone leaders in the mission on Wednesday. It usually take almost all the day to have that meeting, but i was able to learn a little more and know how to help the sone where i am in. I am excited for these months because the mission seems to be getting strong as well and the zone where i am at. I am doing great and am very happy with all that is going on. I am also thankful for all that you all do. Thanks for the letters and for the support!!! On Christmas day i will be calling around 3 o´clock. I am not sure what the difference is, i think that it is 4 hours no? i will be calling from here at about 7 o´clock this time, so everybody be ready!!! I will probably talk to Brett then too, no?? Hahaha that is great!! well i hope that you all have a great week!! I love you all!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 5, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
I am thankful for all the birthday wishes. It is crazy that it is already my birthday and the time of year to start celebrating the birth of Christ. The time keps going faster and faster it seems, and doesnt seem to give me time to do all the things that i have planned for. I guess that is how it goes sometimes in life.
This week we had a special visit by the 70 Elder Aidukaitis. He is from Brazil and is now serving as the 1st counselor in the area presidency here. I had two meetings with him. 1 meeting was with all the zone leaders and him and the other was a zone conference with him speaking. He is a very inteligent man and can teach really well! He is very clear and helps so that we know what we have to do to change and get better. He is pretty up front about alot of things too, which really helped show us what we need to do to improve, or what we are doing wrong so that we can fix it. I am very happy to have had that meeting and i had felt the spirit super strong during the both meetings. He is a very spiritual man and i think that it was good for the mision that he came to speak to us.
Other than that, this week went really well for us. We werre able to find more people and invite more people to baptism as well. We are being very blessed in my area and we have alot of work for now. The time is quickly winding down and i want these last 2 months to be the best! I am doing good here, the work is going well. There is still things that i need to improve and thankg that i ned to get done, but i am very happy with the experiences that i have been having. I feel that i have grown in the past couple of weeks. I love the mission, it is great and it is definitely a place where you can learn sooo many things!! I love it soo much!!
I lovve you all and i am very grateful for all that you have done for me. Tank you very much for the package mom!!! Those truffle are delicious and i almost ate all of the beef jerkey already. I hope that you are all doing well adn that you can be feeling a little better mom. I know that the Savoir lives and that He loves  all of us. I also know that the Book of Mormon is true and am very happy that you are reading the Book of Mormon again dad!! You can always find something new everytime you read it. I am very thankful for the priesthood and to have a prophet on the earth. I love you all and i hope that you all have a great week!!!! Please be safe!!!!
My prayers are with you!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson 

Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!
This week went really good for me. Here there is nothing such as thanksgiving. We didnt do aything special or anything for that matter for thanksgiving. However, the President of the mission left with us for a good portion of the day. He was with us in the morning and also a little bit in the afternoon and also in the evening. It was great to be able to work with him and it was also cool to see how he teaches and what i can do to get better. He is a great teacher and he is also a great leader. He loves all the missionaries in this mission and he really lets eveybody know that. He is also very understanding. I really enjoyed the time that he spent with us and i had some really great spiritual experiences with him all day thursday. I believe that my testimony grew stronger and that i was able to grow as a person.

This week we also had a stake conference and that wasa just normal. There were some good messages, but the sound wasnt working too good so it was just a good normal stake conference. We are trying to work hard here, and it is getting pretty hot down here. The kids are starting to buy fire crackers so we here those in the strreets often, and the christmas season is swiftly closing in on us. The time is flying by super fast it is unbelievible. This week we are gointo have Elder Aidukaitis give a zone conference, and the zone leaders are going to have another meeting with him. It is going to be interesting to see how that goes and i hope that i can learn all that i can from him while he is here. Other than that i am doing great here in the mission learning everyday and trying to become a better person. I am very happy for this opportunity that i have to be here and learn soo much. i am also very thankful for all the many blessings that i have in my life. especially my family. It is different being so far from the family, but it is good to know that familes are eternal and that we have an eternal family. I am very thankful for the gospel and for all the many blessings that i get from the gospel. I am especially grateful for Christ and the atonement. i am grateful for the scriptures and for wonderful lessons that they teach. i thank you all for all that yo uhave don e and do for me and for all your support!!! I love you all!!!!

Love Elder Shane Larson
congrats to matt on the engagement and what happened with erik over thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 21, 2011

Hey Family!!!
That is crazy about Bro Woods being the bishop. He is pretty young isnt he, like 35 around there? That is way super cool. I remember that he was my teacher when i was like 15 years old. He was a great teacher and your could definelty tell that he always showed up prepared for class even with a typed out paper for each of us to study afterwards. He was way cool and i am glad that he is the new bishop. I was just thinking about that today in the morning. I rememebr that we were talking and we were saying that Bishop Griggs probably wasnt going to be the bishop when i got back from my mission. Wow, so now it is Bishop Woods, that is great!!!
 I am gald to hear that everybody is doing well there at home and that grandma made it back safe!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!! The big 85 that is quiet the long life. Grandma should be proud because she is in great condition.
This last week we had a meeting with the president and the leaders of the mision. It is always good to hear from the president and see what he would like us to do. For now in my area we are still looking for people to find because we are low on investigators. We are walking around alot and it is getting pretty hot and humid here, so that complicates things, but things are still good. I cannot believe that time is passing so fast. I cannot hardly keep track of it all.
I want to wish everybody a happy thanksgiving and i hope that everybody is doing well and that you all can enjoy this nice holiday.
I think that that is super cool dad that you are doing the genealogy for mom´s family. That is really great!!1 I would like to see everything when it is done and even help you if there is still work to do when i get home. That is also way sick that you are getting to the temple soo often. I really miss the temple. almost 2 years without the temple is a very long time.
Well, i have to be getting along now. Thank you all for all that you do!! I love the emails and i am hapy that everybody is doing. I hope that you all have great week!! You are all in my prayers!!! I love you all soo much!!!!!
Love Elder Larson
It was good to hear from erik!! I am glad that you are doing well. Tell Bishop Griggs thanks for the hard work that he has done for me and for the family. Tell Bishop Woods that i am happy for him and also bro wagner and nielson.

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!

How is everybody doing??? I am glad to hear that Matt is happy and that Shannon is helping him and i am also happy that Erik and Alesha are happy and that they are doing good. They are great exapmples for us liek hans and i. I am happy to hear that hans is doing good too. I cannot believe that he still weighs only 165 pounds. that is really good and i can see it being a good weight for hans. To let you know i am weighing about 83-84 kilos, 10 more that hans. so that means that i am weighing about 85, but i think that i am losing weight... we will see i guess though.
It sounds like that stake conference went pretty well. It is interesting that the focus on missionary work is getting bigger and bigger. it is definetely the number 1 thing that we need to do as missionaries and members: help all of our brothers and sister that dont have the Gospel, get it in their lives and hold on to the iron rod. Missionary work is great and makes one feel really good. This last week we had a baptism of a 10 year old girl. She want to be baptized even in the first visit that we had. She understood everything very well and she seem very prepared for her baptism. It was great to see her, being so happy getting baptized and also when she got confirmed. It is a great priviledge and blessing that our Father in Heaven gives us to help our brothers and sisters in this special work. 

It seems like the time is going fast. All of my days get scrammbled together because the time goes by so fast. I cannot belive it. In my area we are really trying to find more people becasue we dont have many investigators now. So that means alot of wlking. The weather rght now here is alright. Sometimes it gets pretty hot and other times, like today, it gets prtty nice. there is one thing that i dont really like about the weather here is the humidity. But it is alright the work goes on :) I think that i have already got burned a couple of times, in fact today we played futbol and i think that i got a little burned because when i saw my face in the mirror i looked all red. 

Other than that i continue working here in Tolosa. I am very blessed to be here and to have all of your support. I hope that eveybody is doing well and that eveybody has a great week!! I love you all!!! My prayers are with you!!

Love Elder Shane LARSON

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 7, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!
How are you all doing? I am doing good here. This week we had a busy week with alot of meetings. I already mentioned what happened for alot of the week becasue i wrote just last thursday- but that was the only time that i will be writting on thursday. There  was a change in the transfer because of a seminar of mission presidents and our president had to go, so we had pday on thrusday and now again today. Other than those meetings we had a good week. Nothing super special happened, but it seems like the ward where i am at as gotten more excited to work on the service and missionary responsibilities. Which makes me happy to hear mom sharing her testimony in church. That is great!!!! I alos had the opportunity to share my testimony this last week in fast and testimony meeting. I was the last one to go in my ward. there was already a strong spirit in the sacrament hall and all the testimonies were great. i am happy to have been able to participate last sunday and for the strong spirit that was there present.
The days are getting pretty hot here and it had rained a little this past week which makes it really humid and that isnt too fun to walk in, but the sacrifice is good. The misison seems to be going by super fast, i cannot hardly believe that. We are trying to accoplish the goals that we have set and i think that also makes time go fast because we are getting, or at least trying to be busy all the time. The service is really good and i am thankful for the joy that i feel when the investigadors follow through with there committments. I am really blessed to be in the mission and to be able to learn and grow every day.
i think that that is col that you are working out alot dad. Do go too hard now ;) I am also trying to do my workouts in the morning when i have time and my comp and i go running in the morning sometimes as well.  that sounds fun and i think i will have to join you with some of those workouts when i get home!!
Well time is flying by. I love you all very much and my prayers are with you all. I am sorry that my emails are short, is ther anything that you all want to know or are there any other questions that you may have? Please be safe and keep up the good work!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson

Friday, November 4, 2011

November 3, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
 Hans stories sound pretty crazy about the car crashes and what not and that is also super cool to hear about the baptism that he has been seeing over there on the other side of the world. I am also glad to hear that the family is doing good and that everybody is doing well. that is great that your knee is feeling better mom, and that your are having opportunities to share the gospel dad. It is one of the saving services, you know, missionary work brings salvation. that is super cool and am happy that you are having fun sharing the gospel. it is really a great blessing that we have to shre the gospel because we get soo much joy from doing it that it is a blessing just sharing the gospel. I am also happy to hear that Kirsten came down to visit and that she is doing good. I also like the story of Nimrod and the way that he talked with animals, i havent really ever looked at it that way.
For my week... well first of all it went by really fast. I can hardly keep track of the days noiw and i am not really sure why. We are pretty busy working, but it doesnt seem like there is enough time in the day to get everything done. We are busy trying to get some people baptized this month, so far we have some pretty high goals that we are hoping that we can reach. I am wlaking around like nobody´s business either, but it is all great!! There was changes in the mission, but i am not going anywhere and i think that i will end the mission in this place with this same companion. I am glad though because i get along really well with my comp and we are doing alot of good work together.
this last week i did an exchange with an elder from panama in my area. and then on thursday we had interviews with the president. those are always way cool and i love talking to the president. Then  after interviews i did exchanges with the assistants, with one that i had worked with before. This week already i had another meeting with the President and we are going strong. I am sorry that i couldnt write you all on monday. Pday got switched to today but i will write again on  monday to let you all know how things are going- i love you all and i hopoe that you all have a great week!!! I pray for you all and i wish you the best blessings!!!
unitl monday
Love Elder Shane Larson

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
I am glad to hear that everybody is doing well up there. that weather of hans looks like it is pretty cold. I am nit sure about the weather here becasue it changes soo quickly it is unbelievible.We can leave the pension with alot of wind and alot of clouds and then after 30 mins it is perfectly clear,then in another hour it loooks like it will rain. It is a little complicated, but is all good.
This week it seems like my companion and i have worked hard. We were ableto go on intercambios again and that was a good time. we had alot of success onthe exchange. it was pretty fun. time is goin by super fast that i cannot beleive it nor keep track of it. It seems like it just slips aways and then we are ending the week. We have been trying to find people to teach here and to invite to be baptized. Sometime the work gets hard and we get busy and i forget to do some things or there is not enough time to do all that i want to do. The mission is really helping me shape myself. I love the mission and i learn alot everyday. I am very happy that i have this opportunity to serve all these people and gain so many experiences-. Like hand said, it is also fun hearing about everbody else having success too. 
I love you all and i am thankful for the letters!!!!! Thanks a bunch dad for the genealogy and for the preisthood lineage!!! I love you all and hope that you are all doing good and that you area all safe!!! My prayers are with you all!!!!!1
Love Elder Shane LARSON

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 17, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!
I am happy to hear from you all there at home and i am glad that you are all doing well!! I hape that you can feel better mom and that your knees can get a better as well. I didnt know that there was turkeys on our street. That is crazy!!! it seems like all of the exotic birds want to come live on our street.
Well, this last week went by really fast and even today is just flying by. I cannot belive it. last week we had exchanges and it didnt go too well until we had a great lesson filled with the spirit with the one girl that we found when elder combs was still here. The next day her mother called and told us not to come back because she is not a believer and doesnt want us to come back. it is sad, but i know the spirit was super strong in that lesson so i hope for the best.
On wednesday and for the rest of the week it was cloudy and it rained all afternoon wednesday. My comp and i got soaked. we had rain coats on and they did nother in protect us. that same night we had a meeting witht the mission pres., the stake pres. and the area 70. It was a fun meeting learning how we can improve the work here. I am happy that i have the privledge to work with some very sprirtual men.
Mothers day was yesterday here in Argentina so that was pretty cool. It is kinda weird because it is the only country that doesnt have mothers day in may i think.
The work is moving forward here. It is a little difficult finding people in this area, but we are still working at finding all the people willing to listen. It is fun doing this work, i love it!!!!
Well time is flying by super fast and it appears that everybody is busy there at home. thank you all for you notes and for the prayers!! They mean alot. Keep on being examples!!!! I love you all very very much!!!!!
Love Elder Shane
you all be safe now!! my prayers are with you!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

Hey Familly!!!!!!!!!!
How is everybody doing there at home? I hope that everyone had a good last week. I am busy wrking hard here with my companion.  we are working really hard in trying to find more people to be baptized. I work really well with Elder Molina and we are starting to do alot of good work here in tolosa. Other than that, everything here is going really well. Today we went to a catholic cathedral. It was super huge and had alot of "interesting" things inside of it. there was obviously an apostasy becasue some of thethings that are inside ot the huge building are against some commmandments that we recognize as being basic. it was a good experience though and had some very beautiful stained glass.
During this last week we had another meeting with the president. i love getting to know the president and i love getting to work with him and his wife. they are great people and it is really a joy to work with them. We are working good here.this last week there wasnt a whole lot of new things going on. My companion and i are really trying to work hard. He has 6 weeks less than me in the mission so we will both be ending around the same time, therefore we are really trying to step it up. I am happy that levi went over to give you guys the gifts and what not. Mom i still owe you a gift,more that a hug, but dont worry i shall return with a little something from the arg for you too!! That belt dad, is from the huge beaver look creature. it is the largest rodent inthe world, maybe you have seen it on discovery. I forget what it is called but here they call it a carpincho. I am also glad that you all liked the pics the stories and the candies. I love those candies too, but i have been trying to hold back so i can come home in good shape!! :D That was way cool that you got to meet elder combs. He was a great companion and i was able to learn alot from him, we also had our share of laughing and good times that i know he told you about.my time is running short now, i have to get going.... i love you all and i hope that  you are all safe and doing well!!! I pray for you all always!!!

Love Elder Shane Larson
about school... i would like to start the next semester. The online things sounds great too because i would like to get a start on things and what not. I would also work in the warehouse because that was a good job. I really want to study hard though when i get back home. I have gained a love for learning and reading so i am excited about going to school. Other than that dad, i am not sure. I think the online sounds good until the next transfer because i want to start as soon as possible but i want to make sure that the credits can be trasferred.

Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011

Hey Family!!!
I am gald to hear that you all had a good week!! That is great!! Here it went well for me too!!! My companion and i are here working super hard together!!!  I love working with my companion because he has good desires and he is a hard worker, plus, we get along great! It has been pretty fun so far, and before when we were together it was super fun as well. As for this week in the work... we had a meeting for the leaders and we were watching conference on saturday and on sunday. That was grreat!!!! i love conference and i love hearing from the leaders. Pres. Monson is a really strong leader, and super funny as well. He is a great speaker and has a really sweet spirit as well, how lucky we are to live in this time with a prophet from God like Pres. Monson.
Other than that, it has been tranquilo. This letter seems soo small.. another cool thing that happened this week is that a family got baptized in between sessions yesterday. they are from a neibhoring ward so we were there to see tham and support them. It was super cool and it was super special too because of the special circumstance. We also did a service project cutting up a vine of a lady and helping her clean her backyard. It reminded me of you mom because she always does it herself and then we were there to help her reach the things that she couldnt reach and do.
In my Pdays i just usually hang out with the district or the zone sometimes. sometimes we play soccer or we watch a movie approved by the mission. We go out to eat and do the chores that are necessary. Other than that we write home and we relax. Then at 6 we leave to go work. I like chillin on pdays so that i can be well rested for the week. I have also picked up on drawing so that is fun as well.
Thank you soo much family for your support and for your prayers!!! They really do help! I love you all and my prayers are with you all!!! i hope that you all ahave a great week!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!!!!!

Congradulations on the new baby in the family Nathan and Mindy!!!!!!! That is soo cool and the baby sounds like he is big and healthy!!
That story about the elk is way cool too!!! I am so happy that Matt was able to shoot an elk!! That is cool. I am also glad that Erik and Alesha are doing better!! Hans sounds good too.
To answer your question Hans, i am in a place called tolosa and there are almost 200 missionaries in my mission, or around that number. There are alot of missionaries here, so it is cool to be able to get to know so many people and to have such good friendships with them.
This week we were blessed with another baptism of a 9 year old boy named Hernan. It was a good baptism and his whole family is now a complete family of members, so the next step would have to be the temple!!! Other than that, i was able to do a service project painting a school and i also was able to do an exchange with an elder from Saint George. I also did like a mini exchange with an elder from El Salvador.
My companion is now with his parents and i got a new companion. However, he was already my companion before. His name is Elder Molina. He is from Saint George and he is a way cool kid. I think that i might end my mission as his companion. I think that we will have a great time together!!
 Other than that everything is well and in progress!! I love you all and i wish the best for you all!!!! Be safe and take care!!!! My prayers are with you!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
Well, i hope that dad and matt  were able to get and elk. that would be super cool!!!!! I am glad that everybody is doing good there and that everything is calm and everything. I am gald to hear that you are doing good mom and that grandma will get a little vacation. I think that will be fun for grandma as well! That is also good that hans was able to send his message this week. I hope that Erik and Alesha can feel a little better as well that is kinda a bummer, but it is like that iin life.
This was a good week. We Had a baptism of a 52 year old woman. She fell down in her house right before her baptism and she was almost not going to make it but went at last and she was baptized, but she had a hard time walking around and a supporting herself in the water. She was baptized and she came to church on Sunday and was confirmed a member. It was really cool because she wasnt even hurting on sunday and it just proves that God watches over his children. That was very nice seeing her be baptized and we are happy about that.
We had zone conference this week too. It was great and the meeting was very sprirtual and inspiring. my mission president is really cool and he loves all the missionaries and you can really feel his love. I like to spend time with him and his wife because thay are such great people!!! We werent able to work a whole lot after that meeting, but we were trying to work during the week. We are having difficulties finding people, but we are still trying to find. My companion finishes his mission this week so that is pretty crazy. His parents are coming to pìck him up and visit so it should be a good experience for him.
I am glad that you are all doing good there at home. I cannot believe that Chloe goes to school now, that seems crazy to me. I can only imagine how the house is now. Not a whole lot more happend this week. I love you all and my prayers are alway with you !!!! Kepp being examples for those around you!!! Love you all very much!!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson
Hans, how many missionaries are in your mission?

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

Hey Family!!!
That is a pretty cool story dad!! I hope that you will get an elk. I really want somebody to get an elk because it has been a while since anybody has gotten an elk and, well, matt has at least a week to practice so that is a good thing ;Pi hope that you all can get an elk!!!!!!!
Thank you all for the letters again.  they really help alot. I am glad to hear that erik got a job and that everything is going well with him. That is cool that his boss is his former teacher at the MTC, that should be a cool experience!!!! I loved the MTC so i can imagine htat he is loving it there. That is also cool that alesha is doing good. I didnt know that Mindi was pregnant... i am happy to hear about that becasue that means that i will have another nephew before i get home!! that is cool!! i am happy that the family is doing good there. I am also doing well here in the mission. this week alot of walking took place, but it was a good week. We are expecting a couple of baptism here this week and also next week so we are excited about that!!! My companions last week is the next so we are happy to  have these baptisms. my new assignment is pretty fun. there are more meetings that i have to go to and i am in more contact with the President so i am enjoying the time. I am hapy that i have the opportunity to serve other and i hope that i can become the leader that my Father in Heaven wants me to be.  It has been fun so far and i am excited to continue to serve like this!!
Thisweek we had a good meeting with the president on the faith and the changes that we need to make. Faith is really a principle of power. if we have faith then we have to do something to show that faith and then we gain power, or maybe better worder, the power is given to us to do the things that our Father in Heaven wants us to do. I thought that is was a cool meeting and everything!!
I am glad to hear that everybody is doing good!!!! I love you all and i hope that you are all safe and are enjoying the companionship of the Holy Ghost. My prayers are always with you all. I am sorry that my letters are getting shorter... it just seems like there isnt really anything new happening in the mission. The work goes on  and that is the most important thing, right? I am safe and happy. I love you all so very much and hope that you all have a great week!!!!!!!
con amor
Elder Shane LARSON

Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011

Hey Fmaily!!!!!
I am glad to hear that everybody is doing good there at home!! I am doing just fine here in tolosa. This week there wasnt much going on. I had to do exchanges with an elder that is from Brazil, so that was pretty cool as well. I had a good time and i got to try and learn a little bit of Portuguese while i was with him. He has 6 months in the mission so her is relativley  newer.
Otherthan that, we had a little fiest in the house of a member becasue it was my comps b-day on Monday. so that was fun and we had a good time. As for the work, we had a lieelt rougher week. We had set alot of appointments, but we had a hard time because the people either werent in their houses or they couldnt have the lessons. We need to find more people to teach because alot of our investigators arent progressing and we are coming to a stand still. But we will have to keep moving forward and never backward. I do think that i got the patient personality and endurance from both of you mom and dad becasue at times we walk and walk without any success, but there is always hope of finding somebody!
I thoug that i had a good experience in a bus. I saw a girl/ young lady and felt the impression to talk with her about the gospel. I went to talk to her on the bus and i gave her a pamphlet about the restoration. She seemed really interested in the message and i thought that she was going to be a baptismal candidate. I really had a strong impression to tlak to here about the gospel. Then we passed by  later on in the week and we taught her the restoration and that we invited her to be baptized. Sadly she didnt accept and we lost contact with her. Maybe it isnt her time... but i learned that we need to always listen to the Holy Ghost and our Father in Heaven will continue to guide us.
I love you all and i alwyas pray for you all!!!! You are always in my thoughts!! Be Safe and have a great week!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 28, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
First of all, my companion says Hi, and that he is excited to meet all of you. He says that he will try to visit the 2nd or the 3rd.

Well, this week has gone well. We have been teaching some kids that have a baptismal date now and we are hoping that they will get baptized the 24 of Sep. They are really cool, but there living conditions arent the best, so i really hope that they can have the blessings from the Gospel in their lives. The family seems like it is struggling economically, so i hope that they can have the blessings of the gospel in their lives because i know that it would help them alot!  We continue to work here in Tolosa and we are walking quite a bit as well, but all is well. We are trying to find people to baptize and trying to help people find the truth so all is well.
We have had some funny experiences as well in my time here.My comp and i are always laughing and haveing a good time, and yesterday was a really funny day. we were in sacrament and they asked a new convert to give the last prayer. She is an older lady and she got a little confused becasue when she got up there she started to talk as if she was bearing her testimony. There was still many people in the reverent praying position, but she kept talking and talking, mainly about how she loed the misisonaries that had come before. Then she gave pretty much a shout out to my companion because his brithday is today. It was a good laugh that we had and today we have an appointment with that lady to celebrate my comps birthday.
Another good story is that we were in the bus and i had a feeling to talk to a lady. She looked at us as if she wanted to talk to us and so i went and talked to here and she is studying theology and philosofy. We set up another day to go talk to her about the gosple, but i felt really good afterward and i could feel the spirit. it was way cool!!!
Other than that i am doing good here. there isnt that much news because the days go by really fast and we are doing pretty much the same things everyday. We havent had much service projects or anything so we just kep walking and talking with the people. I am thankful for all that you all do for me and for the prayers and for the letters. Time is really flying!! Keep up the good work at home and i love you all very much!!! Be saafe!!! My prayers are with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hey Family!!!
I am glad that you are all doingwell there at home and i can hardly imagine what the house is like without any children nor anybody pretty much.... thst is super crazy!! This week went pretty good, it was pretty calm and a whole lot didnt go on. The time is flying by pretty fast, i can hardly beleive it. My companion is from Queen Creek- his name is Levi Combs and he end the mission in 5 weeks, but will be home in 6. He also served in Las Flores a couple of months before i was there. He wants to go and visit you all after he arrives so be prepared for a visit from him. To answer your question mom, i am pretty close to the ocean but i cannot go to it becasue my area is on the interior and my zone doesnt reach to the coast. But it wouldprobably take 45 minutes to get there in the bus.

Today for P-day we went to visit a soccer stadium and we also went to vist the governors house. It is a big building that is really old, but it is in pretty good shape. I took some pictures and i will try to send some nexy week becasue i cannot really send them this week due to me forgetting the things that lets me transfer them from my card to the computer.  It is pretty cool here in la plata and it is very different from my other areas that i have been in. It seems like this place is a little richer than all the other areas that i have been in because this is the capital of Buenos Aires and there are alot of universities here. Another thing that my companion and i have started doing everyday is we go out to run every morning. I am feeling pretty good running every morning and i am enjoying the good exercises. Also, it is a good start for the marathon.

I am happy that everybody is doing well. I hope that Erik can get a job soonand i hope that everybody in the family is doing good!!! I dont write too much becasue everything happens soo fast and sometimes it seems like i do much of the some things everyday. I am doing good and i am very thankful for all of your prayers and the letters and eveything that you all do for me!!! I keep you all in my prayers and in my thoughts!!! Love you all!!!!


Love Elder Shane Larson

Keep up the good work Hans!!! I know that you will... and everybody thinks that you are a stud- they know it- kepp it up hans!!! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 15, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
That sounds like everybody is doing great there at home!! i am happy to hear that Erik and Alesha are doing good and that they have completed a happy first year as a married couple!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! that is awesome to hear and i am happy for them. Hans sounds like he is doing good, so that is good. I hope that everybody is doing good and i hope that the grandparents are also doing well!!!

This week for me has been a good week. I have been thinking alot of time lately. Maybe it isnt a good thing, but i have been thinking that the time is just flying by. I can hardly believe. Half of the missionaries that i have had as companions have completed the mission and i am reaching the point to where i am almost one of the oldest missionaries. there are still other missionaries that are older, but i cannot beleive how fast time is flying by. It also makes me think of how important time is. We onle have a certain amount of time whether it be in the mission, school, or in life, and we shall be judged for what we did in the time that wwe have been given. There isnt enough time in the life, so you cannot waste not even a minute.

The news for this last week is that my companion were able to baptize a man that is half paralyzed from a stroke that he had. He can not move the right part of his body. He also has a hard time speaking and remembering. He had the desire to be baptized and was keeping the commandments. His wife is a member and she also had helped him. We were able to teach him and got baptized on Saturday. It was special because my companion and i were both in the baptismal font baptisming him. He didnt make it in all the way the 1st time so we had to do it another time, but before we did it officially we did some practices becasue we had to lift him off a chair that he was sitting on and then put him in the water and then take him out. It was a great service and the first time that i was able to baptize a person with a handicap like that. It was really special for him and for us.

Other than that, i have been transferred again. I am with an Elder from Queen Creek named Elder Combs. He is about to finish his mission. I am in a place called tolosa that is in the capital of the Buenos Aires. I have never been in this zone before so i am really excited to be here and get to know the people and everything.

I am doing well here and i am thankful for the opportunity to serve as a missionary of the Lord. I thank you all for the love that you express and for writing me. I love you all and i hope that you all have a good week!!! I hope that you all can have the great influence of the Holy Ghost in your lives!!! My prayers are with you!!!

Love Elder Shane Larson

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

Dear Family,
I dont have much time to write today. I love you all and i thank you all for writting me. The time is flying by superfast and i can hardly believe that we are already in one week in August. that is absolutely crazy to me. That is also cool that hans can go for another month longer. He is obviously dedicaded to the mission and knnows what is most important in life. That is way cool about Erikand Alesha. Erik might work in the MTC, that is way cool because the MTC is a super special place. That is cool that matt can go rafting in Oregon, thats where he served his mission too so that is pretty cool. But i am happy that he is happy! 
I am doing good here. Everything is all good and i am trying to keepup the work. To let you know mom, i leave here the 30 of January and i get home the 31. I love you all and i hope that you all are safe and that you have a great week!!! 
Elder Shane Larson

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 1, 2011

Hey family!!!!!
It sounds ike everybody is doing good there i at home. i like that you have a garden dad, that is really cool and i always that it was interesting, but that is a good example of autosufficiency. I like it alot and i know that i will have a garden when i have my own house. I was telling my comp the other day that i have never bought lemons in my life becuase we have a tree in the back yard. I am glad that you two went to go visit some members, i know that it may not seem like much, but it really means alot for those members. I have seen alot of cases here where peopl have left the church because nobody ever visits them so good job mom and dad!!!!
I think that that is a way cool story that David told. I like it alot and that is a great blessing in his life. Everybody can be a missionary and it great to have the opportunity to help someone, especially someone that you love, enter into a covenant with our Father in Heaven. That is cool that he is now off for the mission.
I thought it was kinda weird that hans said i havent written in a while because i write every week. I hope that you are all getting my letters. This last week we had a crazy storm and i got all wet. It was raining really hard, not for a long time, but really hard and there was lighting and thundering. I htought it was interesting because my companion said that before the mission he had never seen lightning. It was a pretty big storm and there where neighborhoods that were left without light or electricity. Some peoples houses were damaged, but other than that it was all good.
I am enjoying the misison. i think that i can still improve in alot of areas. I am happy for the position that i am in and for the opportunity that i have to serve others. Thank you all for writing me and for hte news update!!! So that meand that Erik will be all moved up by next week. What car does he have? What is he going to do? How is Molly doing?? How is Nathan and Ryan?
I would like to send pics next week, so we will see if the computers wrk in another area so that i can send you pics.
I love you all and i hope that you are all doing good and having fun living the gospel at home. I cannot believe how fast time is flying by, so not too much longer until you get a hug from me mom!! And you too dad!!
My prayers are always with you all!!! Love you lots!!
Keep up the good work Hans!!!! 
Love Elder Shane Larson

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Dear Family,

How is everybody doing this week? Thank you for the messages and for your support. Thank you all for writing. I am happy that you had a good experience with your aunt Dad, and that really shows how blessed we are for being in the Gospel and knowing these great gospel truths. I know that your aunt is resting from all of the griefs and pains of the world that she had been experiencing. 
Congradulations Hans!! That is way cool that you are an asistant to the president. That means that you are a great missionary and that your President has alot of confidence in you, and even more, the Lord has alot of confidence in you. I am happy that you are having fun and that you have that new responsability. Keep up the good work!!
That is way cool that you, mom and dad, were able to go up to the mountains and spend time with grandad and grandma. It has been about a year and a half since i have seen a mountian so i can just imagine the beautiful white mountains. I love nature and i love to ponder upon the beautiful creations of our Father in Heaven! In fact, where i am at there arent even hills, so i miss seeing mountains, but there are some pretty amazing fields here.
This week we were just working like always. It rained and there are very few paved streets here, so the mud is a little coplicated, but it is all good. We have been teaching several people and i have realized that love is really important in the work. I knew that it was and i want ot help the people here because i love them. This week we were talking to a lady that we have been teaching for a week, but she always refuses to be baptized. i felt alot of love for her this last lesson that we had because she doesnt understand, but has felt the spirit before. I felt a little sad that she hasnt accepted baptism yet, but i know with a little more effort , she will get there. 
Thank you for all that you do!! I love you all and you are always in my prayers!! I am happy and i am very grateful to be in the mission and to be able to help out the people of Argentina gain salvation. I hope that you all have a good week!!! Be safe and always remember to read and pray!!

Love Elder Shane Larson

How is Erik and Alesha? Have they found a house yet? How is everybody else? 

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
This last week went really good for me!!! I ws blessed to be able to partake in the baptism and confirmation of 2 investigators. It was a great meeting and i felt really good. I remember right before the baptism i was feeling the spirit strong, i was feeling really happy. The baptism was great and yesterday they were confrimed members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Dzy Saints. There was a boy that is 8 and is grandmother that is 61.
We are working good here and my companion and i area having fun. We are trying to find prepared people to baptize. I think that we are working good, adn my companion and i get along good. The place is really cool and the branch is really friendly. I really hope that we can see more success here. I know that we will be able to!!!
I am really thankful for the mission. I know that Christ is my Saviour and that we are our Father in Heaven´s children. Everybody has problems and challenges in thier lives, but the Gospel offers the answer to whatever problem that exists. It is for everybody , everywhere no matter what situation, nor race, nor econmical standing. I love sharing the gospel and i like being happy. I know that happiness comes from living the Gospel and those who live the Gospel are happy, because happiness is the blessing to obedience. It was great to see the face of the lady that was baptized this last week. She was soo happy!! I know that God has a plan for every one of his children. He wants everybody to be happy and that is why he sent us here to earth, but sadly those that arent happy are because they dont understand what it takes to be happy. I love the Gospel and i love my Father in Heaven. I am truly grateful that i was born in a loving family and that i have such great influences in my life. Thak you all!! I love you all and i hope that you are all safe!!!
My prayers are always with you!!!1
Lots of LOVE Elder Shane Larson
Ya yo topata thats guarani for see you later

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
Hows it all going there?? That was a pretty crazy storm i heard about and i also saw pictures of it too... plus it was on the news here too so wow, a world reknown dust storm is pretty crazy!! This week was pretty good. I am happy that i am out of Las FLores, not because i dont like Las Flores, but it was pretty small and there wasnt a whole lot to do because of the circumstances. I am very grateful to have served there and to have been able to help some people come unto Christ. The friends that i had made there to are eternal, i know that for sure. 

Here is really calm too. I like this place alot!!! The members are soo nice and they help us and everything and they all have a love for the missionaries, it is truly a blessing. And to tell you the truth, i have met some of the people here before,  so that was pretty interesting to find out. The area is a good area to work to. We seem to have alot of investigators and we find a good amount of people here. The pension is a nice pension and there are basically 4 of here because we live 2 feet from the pension of the other elders. I am the only one from the us here so i like that alot because i can practice my español more.

My companion is really cool and we get along very well. He is a good elder and he likes to work hard so i am happy with the situation that i am in. It is all good here. This week i had a little cold, but i am all good now.

Something interesting is that where i am at now, there are alot of paraguayos. (people from paraguay) so i am trying to see if i can learn a little bit of Guarani, which is the language of paraguay. It is pretty much like a native language but we visit families that talk in this language so i am going to see what happenes. It is funny because they speak in guarani to there family in front of my comp and i and we dont understand anything, for that reason we are trying to learn a little bit.

I am doing great overall fami. I hope that you are all good!! i am glad that everyting is going good for you mom and that dad is excited to run a marathon again... and i would like to see  if i could run a marathon. I will tell you one thing, i have to run alot when i get home so i can get back in shape because i am far from that right now. 

I love you all and i hope that you are all doing well!!! My prayers are with you all!!

Love Elder Shane Larson

congrats Alesha and Erik!!! 

Be safe everybody

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
Bueno, today i was transferred. I am now in a place called El Parque in Florencio Varela. This is the 3rd time that i am in this city. I am happy to have been able to work in Las Flores, and i am also happy to be able to leave and to meet more people and work with others. I am now with another peruvian. His name is Elder Tantacucho. He just started the mission only 9 weeks ago so he is still new, but i am excited to have him as a companion and to work with him. He is from Chiclau, Peru, as like ELder Espinoza, a former companion of mine. 
Other than that, i ended my time in Las Flores well. On saturday we had a baptism of a little 9 year old girl, but it didnt go as planned. The mother got mad because of a problem that there was and almost left, but the baptism came out good so that was all good. The only thing bad that happened is that the girl got sick andcouldnt go to church to be confirmed, so next week she will be confirmed. 
It is been pretty cold here these past couple days, with even ice over puddles and frozen due. The humidity makes it even colder and after a thermal shirt, long sleeves, and 2 sweaters, the wind makes you feel like you are wearing a short sleeve. I am happy and i am doing good here. I love you all and i hope that you are all safe and having fun up ther!!! Happy 4th of July by the way!!! My prayers are with you all!!!!! Thank you for all your prayers and for the package mom!!! Everything in there is delicious!!! as well i loved the pictures and i like it when you send pics!!!! Tell the kids that i love them and to be safe!! I love you all!!!!!!

Love Elder shane Larson

I hope that Erik and Alesha can get the jobs that they wanted in Utah so they can continue to progress!
How is the rest of the family doing? Oh, yesterday some members gave me a mate, my first mate cup!!! So erik por ahi when i get home we can probarlo otra vez. 
If you want tohear some good spanish music, erik, look up Carlos Baute or spanish rap, porta thats what i am talking about.

I love you all!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 27, 2011

 sewing session and lesson with a family with members... members on the right, investigators on the left

tHIS IS A BEAUITIFUL flower that i have found in several places here in LAS FLORES.... MAYBE THAT IS WAY THIS PLACe is calle dlas florews because in summer there is alot of flowers.

Hey Family!!!
How is everybody doing there at home?? i Hope that everybody is doing well there!!! How are the kids and... i didnt hear from dad this week so how is he?? And mom, i live on the street Las Heras, between San Martin and Carmen. But it appears to be my last weeek in Las Flores, except if my companion gets his visa this week. Then i would be staying here, but that is very  unlikely. It is kinda funny because right now in this internet cafe i am listening to all the music that you like mom and dad. I little bit of sting, micheal jackson, i think cool in the gang or some other disco was playing too... it is pretty funny. i am enjoying my time in Las FLores and an realizing the great friendships that i have made here with all the members and the investigators. It has been a great experience. My companion and i are finding more people and teaching alot. it is great!! I love teaching and i love helping the people come closer to Christ because they recieve blessings in their life and they know that the message is true, not becasue we tell them or because it is logicall, even though it is the most logically gospel in the world, but they know that it is trues becasue they can feel the Spirit. That is one of the things that i have learned to love while here on the mission, is the greatness of the companionship of the Holy Ghost. I love it...it is soo great!! I have also realized that the Spirit is fragile and that we need to always, constantly be striving to have the spirit in our life. But the basics are for inviting the Spirit in our lives is reading the Book of Mormon and other scriptures and praying, going to church and keeping the commandments. I know that this chruch is true!!!
I hope that you all are safe and can have the wonderful guidance of the Holy Ghost in you lives. I love you all and i hope that you are all safe and well!!! My prayers and thoughts are with you!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson
ps...that was a funny joke hans

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 20, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!
HAPPY FATHRS DAY DAD!!!!!!!!  I am happy to have a father like you Dad!! I am one in 9 of the world with a perfect dad :D I liked your talk too. I am happy to hear from all of you and also from Hans. I am really enjoying life, and i have soo many blessing that it is unbelievable! I always get so happy talking to you and hearing from my family and friends because it seems like Heavenly Father put me in such a good position, that  i often wonder what i did to deserve all of this, and if i am doing enough to deserve allof this. I am also happy to hear that Jeff is out in the field. I love all the young men with whom i have grown up. They are all great examples and shall all be great leaders.
To answer your question mom, i live on the street Las Heras. about 2 blocks from the plaza españa. i wil have to send pictures next week. What happened is that i got a virus on my memory card and so it has been difficult to send pics.I will try to send tham next week.
This last week was good. We just keep working. I have only 2 weeks left in Las Flores. We are finding and talking people and all of them seem to be great candidates for baptism. I hope that they all can be baptised in the Church of Christ. I really like the mission because i always seem to find time to reflect and analize myself. I like that alot because i see my progression. It is an unforgettable experience and absolutely necesary.
We had a zone conference this week. There were a couple of main themes. Having personal revelation from the Holy Ghost and dont put obstacles in your path and mental boundaries. I loved the conference and i learned alot. Then i was able to give a talk on Sunday about the Holy Ghost and the importance of the personal revelation.
I love you all and i am thankful for all that you all do for me!! I hpe that you are all safe and can all have the wonderful companionship of the Holy Ghost always!!! ( I learned alot about that in a zone conference this week)I love you all and you are all in my prayers!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13, 2011

Hey Family!!!

This week went really god for me. Finally a week that was actually great!!! I am happy and thankful for a good week. I am also happy to hear about you all and that youare all doing good! I cannot beleive about that fire... crazy and that someone would actually start that... thats pretty dang crazy. !!!!
This week was good because we were able to find alot of people and they are all willing to listen and to find out for themselves if the message is true. We did a contact and this man came out and treated us really well, but we couldnt enter then but came back another day and hium and his wife were super interested. They had the perfect questions and we had the answers. they hungered to know the truth... it was way awesome and the Spirit was there.
Another story is that we found another lady and she wants to know what church is true and how she can know. We explained how she can know and about the Prophets and got really excited when she heard about the prophets it was soo fun teaching her because she was so surprised and intrigued.
I have felt the Spirit alot this week and that is way i was sooo happy. I love te4aching and sharing the Gospel as well as having the Holy Ghost as a companion.
I love you all and i hope that you all have a good week adn are safe!!! My prayers are with you all and i love you all!!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson
I know a couple of people from American Fork. That is cool that Erik and Alesha are thinking about moving and i hope that they are happy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 6, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
How are you all doing? I thank you all for the letters that you all have sent me, they were great!!! I cannot believe that Brad is finishing his mission already... that seems a little crazy to me.
Things seem to be going the same here in Las Flores, there isnt really anything new going on and so i have not a whole lot to write about. I am sorry, but it seems to be like that.
However, this week a little girl that has a baptismal date finally came to church for the first time and is heading for her baptismal goal. so that is really good!!!
I am happy to hear that everybody is doing well there and that you completed a goal mom!!! That is great!!!!!!! I love the scriptures and they really help us follow Christ. I hape that Madison has a good time in AZ and that she can grower in the Gospel. Like Hans said, Madison, you are the example in you family and you can make a big difference and halp your family alot!!! Kepp up the good work in School too!!!
I hope that everybody is doing good!!! I thank  you all for you examples and all that you do for me!! I am doing good and staying happy!! I know that true happiness comes for the Gospel because i have seen it many times in my life. I love you all and hope that you all will have a good week!!!! My prayers are with you all!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson
Dad-Thank you dad for the fast that you did for my benefit!!!!! Thank you soo much!!!!!!!!!!
Alex- Charity is very important. I think that one of the things  that is important is that you love God and Christ the best you can. And then you will understand the love they have for you and for all the children of God. As a missionary, You are a representative of Christ, therefore you will have to love others as  if they are you brother, becasue they are. At times it is hard, but when you love a person you will find out that it is easier to get alon with them and you will want the best for them, even though they might not understand what is best for them. Charity comes by hard work and alot of asking in prayer. It is hard at times but it is possible. Like Hans said, you will have to refrain from judging others but loving them and helping them recieve blessings.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hEY fAMILY!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Matt!!! I hope that you had a good birthday!!!
I cannot believe how big Chloe is... that is really crazy!!!!! And grandma looks like she is in good health too!! I can tel that Buffy is looking older and that you mom are looking good too!!! That little baby ashton is a cute little guy with big round cheeks!!! haahaa Qué bonito!!!
I cannot belive that tere are gophers at the house.... that is really weird, especially because they dont care for humans... very interesting... but they are cool little guy too, just not friends of the garden. I am glad to hear that everybody is do good ther ein the house and that everything is going well. Not a whole lot happened here this week....
To tell you the truth mom, i am not going to be leaving Las Flores until the 4th of July. I know that i will be leaving during that time, because that is when the transfers are.
I have been thinking alot this week with the area and how we are progressing and what we are doing. I have ben thinking that the Gospel is perfect and that the mission is really preparing me for realy life. I always think that this is a huge blessing and that i am learning alot  so i can confront challenges further along in my life. I am very thankful for this opportunity and i am very thankful for the examples that you have all giving me since the beginning!!! I love you all!! Keep up the good work and the Lord will bless you!!!
Keep working hard Hans!! I know that the Lord is happy with you!!!
I love you all!!!!!! My prayers are with you all!!!!!!!!1
Elder SHANE larson!! :) :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!!

I am sooo happy that everything went well for you mom!!! I know that Our Father in Heaven is always wathcing out for us and that he had heard your prayers as well as all the prayers that everbody was offering for your benefit!!!! That is a greeaaat testimony and i am proud that you have such a strong testimony in the prayer!!!!!

It sounds like there was a good week for the preisthood there!!!! I am sooo grateful for the preisthood!!! This week we gave a blessing to a lady that isnt a member, but her daughter and grandaughter is. She had a problem with her blood pressure and in a bad condition, so we went to give her a blessing. We gave her a blessing and she really felt the Spirit and now is doing just fine. She has been taking it easy, but everything is better for her. We hope that she will comem to church and i have hope that she will get baptized!!! It was great to give her a blessing and i am happy that i have the opportunity to bless the lives of people throught the power of God. 

My comp has been having a hard time here because the people here are alittle hard in the heart, but we kept on going, enduring and the Lord had blessed us. I felt it necessary to ask for guidance yesterday and help having success because we walk around all day without seeing much success. Yesterday was the best day of the last transfer. We found a family and we were also able to visit that lady that we gave a blessing. I know that the Lord listens to our prayers and really does want us to have success, but we have to endure and continue. Hans, i know that your area and mission may be a little difficult, but keep up the hard good work that i know you are doing. You were placed there for a special and important purpose!!!!

I love you all and i want ot thank you all for the prayers that you offer for me. I can see the blessings!! I am here in last flores for another month and a half, so we will continue working hard. I love you all and i thank you for everything!!! I have been exceedingly blessed in my life and am truly thankful. I love you!!! Be Safe!!!! Continue steadfast and you shall see the blessings!!

Love Elder Shane Larson

in the package mom, i dont know if you could send some packets to make sloppy joes? and just some mangos and the mixed fruit. that is it... maybe some tabasco too...but that it is thank you very much!!!!