Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010

Hey Family!!!
Wow, quite the letters this week. To answer some of your questions dad: the kids can go and get free college. I am not sure what the trend is, if they like going to school or what. I do know that alot of them drop out and then it is hard for them to get a job, so there are alot of people that are taking high school classes that are older. It is interesting. I am not sure what my favorite food is... i like the ice cream here, itis really good. The empanadas are really good and also the pizza. You can find a walmart here and there are american foods, but these foods are really expensive! I am not sure if i can speak fluid... i really hope i can! that is for sure!!! I can speak to anybody about many things and i can understand alot of stuff. I think that i can do better on my spanish, or at least my vocab. I think that is the downfall that i have is that i need to learn more vocab. I have a study session in spanish, but i dont study in spanish. I will read in spanish to help me on the pronunciation and stuff during my spanish study, but during the personal study I read in english to use it effectively and understand everything that i read the first time.

This week went pretty good. I think that this next transfer will go good!! My comp and i are together another transfer. He is from Utah, a place called Pleasant Grove. He comes from a family of 7- him, his parents and 4 brothers that are all younger. He has only 9 months left on the mission.

We went and did service in the Bishop´s warehouse because the warehouse is in our area. It was fun and we did alot of good work. at the end, i weighed myself... uh oh... let see i think i gained a little weight. I dont know though becuase i dont look that much bigger if i look bigger at all. I weigh a good old 89 kilos now. If any of you are daring you can convert that into pounds and see how much i really weigh. hahah

We will have abaptism coming up here the next week and hopefully we will have serveral this month. I dont know, but the Lord has really blessed us this last week that is for sure. We are pretty excited!! it seems to me that the Lord lets us go through trials so that we can put more faith in him and then He blesses us when we show him that we are willing to move forward in the work. we have definitly seen some of the blesses here in Mayol!

I am super happy to have heard from Kirsten! That is awesome that she is doing good!!! I have alot of missionary friends that are from St. George. so that is very cool. It sounds like the place is nice and that she has a good idea of where she wants to go and do. I also sounds like she is being the best example for those areound her, just like i have always imagined she has been!!

Tell Erik I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is cool... another year older and wiser too. hahah that is pretty cool though the big 23.. soon and Hans and I will be turning 20. I cannot believe that time is going by sooo fast. This sounds crazy but in 2 more months i will be talking to you all. it is quite nuts.

To let mom know... i wasnt so much fustrated but i learned a very valuable lesson. Especially because we are here on earth to be happy. it is funny, but very simple... Do what you are supposed to, be happy. thats about all...hahaha

Bueno, that is all for this week!! I hope that everybody is  doing good and that everybody is safe!! I pray fro you all always!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!

elder Larson

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20, 2010

Hey Family!!
 This last week was a pretty hard week. You all know that i have my new companion and he is really cool. The first week we worked reaññy hard and we saw the fruits of our labors. This last week was way hard. They changed a few things in the misison and our it seemed soo hard last week to do the work. I dont know, but hardly anybody would listen to us and we werent teaching a whole lot. It was horrible. My comp got really sad because he thought that it was because he wasn´t a good enough missionary- but i know that this is not true!!! He is  a good missionary. It is interesting though how the work works. I think that we just need to be of good cheer and tryinbg our hardest. I am not completely sure, but i have gained a stronger testimony of having hope. Well, I hope that we do better things this week ;P. Actually, i figured, it doesnt help anything if you arent happy. If you are not happy, then change, or change the situation so that you can be happier. I like to relate hope to being happy. For example, This last week was hard, especially for my comp. He wasnt very happy for a while because he thought he was the problem. It wasnt him though, but he didnt realize that. He was sad, but if we are sad and depressed about something, we arent looking for what could happen in a situation. We are just focused in the bad. at times the adversary wants us to be focused in the bad of things so that we cant reach our full potential or so that we are soo focused and worried about the bad we dont allow ourselves to overcome the weakness. I will tell you one thing though, if we are happy, and we all know that happiness comes from  living obidient lives, then the things that we want will happen. WHen my comp got out of his sad mood ws a little happier we started top see a little more success. It is very interesting. We are kinda telling our Father in Heaven that we are going through tough times, but we still believe that he is there and we have the hope that He will make things better as long as we endure. A good lesson learned.
Other than that, i made a bus stop because i got coins stuck in the machine in the front. It was really funny and an older lady behind me said that i was learning.. hahaha
Another weird thing that happened is that the other elders found a parrot in the back yard. so we kept it for a while until we asked the lady behind us and it was hers. I think i almost fell in the bus and this last sunday we got to stand up and sing with the primary!! My comp pulled a prank on me and put shaving cream on my face when i was sleeping... that was pretty funny... i think that is about it for the funnies.
Another really cool thing that happened this week is that we have an investigator that recieved a very strong testimony. She was able to kneel down and say a pray by herself. when she said this pray, in the way God wants us to say prayers instead of her own way, she said she finished and asked sincerly if the book of Mormon is of God and she told uis that she believes that the book is true and what we teach is true. That the church we represent is from God. It was soo awesome to hear this!!! It is very interesting too, because her mother want to make her own church and her dad thinks he is a prophet.,, But she will be baptized the 30!!
Other than that... i think that Elder Godoy is from where i am at now or where i was at... it is interesting but i think that he is from my mission. Hans sounds good and soo does the fam. That makeas me happy. Dont worry about your emails, they are all good dad. I will send pics next week!!! I hope that everything is going good with everybody!! I love you all!!!!!!!!! Be safe!!! I pray for all of you!!!!!
Elder Larson!!!!
Thanks for the letters mom and grandma and dad!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11. 2010

Hola Familia!!

This week was interesting. General Conference was going really well and i loved it of course. Like Hans ans Gabe said, it flew by this year. I didnt get it see all of it, but the parts that i did see went by super fast. I watched mostly in spanish but i like watching it in english becuase i can take better notes.

So this last Saturday my comp got a call from the president. We were going to have another emergency transfer. My comp moved from Mayol, where i am at right now, to a plac called El Carmen. I recieved Elder Boyer from Utah, Pleasant Grove. He is the oldest of 5, and had just come from the offices. It has been interesting working this week. We wanted to find more people in the area and we eventually did. Also, something really cool that happened this week is that this young lady that we are teaching recieved a testimony and she will probable be baptized this month. I am being really blessed right now in Mayol. We are working hard and the Lord is really blessing us.

I cannot believe that all that has happened. That Hall kid is playing for the Cards now and Marcus Wheaton is starting for Oregon... that is nuts. I am not sure what else there is to write... I am a little boring. The mission work is progressing alot here in Mayol and i am staying safe. i am really learning how to enjoy meeting people and talking to them. I hope that everybody is doing well there. Also that everything goes well with Mom and her MRI and what not.

I was reading Hans´ letter and he said that he was sorry for being a hassle in the house... Let me tell you what. Hans wasnt half as a hassle as i was and i would like to day that i am sorry. I am learning alot here on the mission and i hope that you all are learning alot at home. I cannot belive that erik is going to move to Utah. in the valley right? To tell you the truth, i will have a lot of friends living next to Hans and Erik after the mission because all the missionaries are from Utah... It is really interesting.

I hope that everything is going well and that everybody is healthy!! How are the grandparents doing?? The brotheres and sisters? I love you all!!! My prayers are always with you!!! Hopefully I will ahve some fun stories to tell this next week!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Elder Larson

Con Amor

Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

Hey Family!!!
So this week went really good!!!! I absolutley loved conference but i didnt get to see all of it. I arrived late almost every single session and i didnt get to see the last session. I had to leave my area to see it, which isnt too far away, buti had to look for investigators for a couple sessions which doesnt help me on the time issue.

There has been a few interesting things that happened this week. By the way, Hans sounds like a capo!!! (Capo means stud) Dang!

Well to start off, last week one of the elders from my pension got emergency transfered to another area and we recieved a different missionary. That was a different change that we had and it is been a little different without Elder Knighton, but oh well. He was the tall one. This week there is another emergency transfer. My comp is going to be leaving today and heading east of here. He was a really fun companion and we have worked pretty hard together. He has been here in this area since he has arrived and he arrived with me pretty much. It is good that he gets to leave and see more of the area and help spread the Gospel in other parts. I will be getting an elder that was in the offices. His name is Elder Boyer and he is from Utah, but i dont know much more than that. We will seee how things will go.

A ver, We have some baptisms coming up here soon so that is exciting!! One of our investigators told the other elders that she feels good in church and that she thinks it is right. She had these feelings when she was listening to conference.

Think week a drunk tried to steal my watch and i took my hand away. Then he got in my face so i gave him 2 pesos( 50 cents) and we walked away. I really didnt like that though, but oh well they are drunk. There are alot of drunks here and you have to be careful around them.

We found 4 kids that want to be baptized and they will be baptized the 16 of October. We also have another investigator that told other missionaries that she felt really comfortable in conference and that these things are right. That in other churches she hasn´t felt like this, but ours, yes, makes her feel good. So that is really exciting!!

I am glad that you like reading the Libro de Mormón dad. I love reading it. it takes me to a different place. I dont feel like I am in the world when i read it but i am in the middle of Old America. I am in the end of Alma now, chapter 58.I read really slow, but i take alot of notes. I am not sure i can do a month challenge or 2 or 3 month challenge becuase i read so dang slow. hahhaha

I am glad that everything is doing well there. that Erik is hapy and what not. That the family is doing good and everything!! How are the grandparents??I hope that the kids are doing alright and that molly is doing well with the baby coming on the way. I am sorry to hear about your medical problems mom. They arent fun i can see, but i know that you were givin this challenge in your life to make you stronger! I do hope that you feel better soon though and that this thing with the insurance gets taken care of.

If there is anything that you need let me know!! I am not sure how much i can really do, but i can pray for sure!!!! I love you all!!! Be Safe!!! I pray for you all!!!I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Con Amor <3
Elder Larson

I thought i would try the red this week ;)Love ya!!