Friday, January 20, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hey Family!!
I am glad to hear that everybody is doing well!! That is great and i am happy that Erwin is doing well and that he has strong desires to go to church. I hope that Josh can go to church too, but i can tell you all that i will be more than happy to help him!! I think that all those evidences of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon are really cool and they are really valid as well. i like knowing things like that because i know that the Book of Mormon is true and there is alot of people that dont, but maybe if they just spent some time tryingto figure out if it is true, they can come up with a logical reason before receiving a confrimation from our Father in Heaven, however that is the most important thing, asking God if it is true.
I am happy to hear that you and mom are reading the scriptures. We would really be lost without them in our lives. I really didnt take advantage of the scriptures before the mission, but know that they are true. I love reading the scriptures now. I know that i will never stop reading them until i die. Like what Hans said, there is never an end to learning.
This last week we had interviews with the president and we also gave a little lesson to the missionaries in our zone. I am happy that i have had the opportunity to serve the other misionaires in my zone. They are all great people and have good intention on helping the people. Serving a mission has been amazing. I have learned alot while i have been out here. It is kinda funny because everybody talks about me going home. But the truth is that, yes i am excited to go home, but i am sure going to miss the mision. This has been the greatest dedication that i have every commited to do in my life, and it has been for a good portion of time. It is pretty crazy. I am happy to be able to work here these next two weeks . I hope that everything can go well so that we can have some baptisms here in Tolosa. I love you all and i am thankful for all that you are doing for me at home!!1 I thank you all for the letters and the love and prayers. I hope that you all have a great week and that you can have agreat experiences!!!! Stay happy and Be safe!!!
I love you all very much!!
Love Elder Shane Larson

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 9, 2012

Dear Family-
I am happy to hear that everybody is doing good there at home. I am sorry to hear about your knees dad, but i know that it was a good sacrifice to play with the grandchildren. Thank you very much mom for the appointment that you have been setting me, i am very thankful for that. I hope that my body and teeth are in good condition, i have been taking care of myself so i hope everything comes out like i want it to.- perfectly FINE. thank you very much mom!!
That was a pretty good sstory of tim tebow dad, and i am very happy to hear that there was a baptism in the ward. That is way cool to hear and i hope that that can continue. I think that i have a couple of friends that can also need the gospel there at home, and that is a goal that i have set for this year, to help 3 of my friends recieve the gospel, so we will see when i get home who can come to church with us!! But i really think that that is great!!!!This week was a pretty good week. we went to a meeting for zone leaders with the president that we have every month. then on thursday and friday until saturday we were doing intercambios. I had a good time doing intercambios. The first one i left my area and the second one i stayed in my area. We have been lacking on finding people in my area so that makes the progression of the work a little slower, but we have hope in finding more people. I have definetly been talking to more people now than ever before in my mission, so i think that if my companion and i can keep that up we will be able to find more people.
The mission is great. i can hardly believe that it is coming to a close here soon. I have learned alot on the misison and i am prepared to work hard until the end. Today i was reading in Mosiah 5. As i was reading i felt very grateful to belong to the Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I like how it talks about the baptismal covenant and that we need to always remember Christ and have him in our heart always. I also had a reassuring feeling that this is the only true church of Christ on the earth. I am thank ful for your letters and i am happy that you were bale ot share your testimony mom. We are truly blessed to be in the Gospel. I hope that you all have a great week and that youare all safe as well!!! I love you all very very much!!! thank you all for the many prayers!!!!!
Love Elder Shane larson

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2, 2012

Hey Family!!!!
That is pretty crazy that you havent been home for new years in a while dad. But now that i think of it, i havent either hahaha. I am happy that you and mom were able to spend time together and that you two are doing well. That is a little funny about the classes that you had to take, but i am sure that it was a good experience. This week had also gone by pretty fast for me too. We have been pretty busy here and this week we will again be pretty busy. I think that the more you are busy, the faster time goes by.
We started off the last week well by finding a young girl by a reference from a member. She has been going through some hard times and she is very receptive to the messages. From what we seen now, she is going to be able to be baptized before the end of the month. Then we did some exchanges on tuesday and wednesday. those were good and we were able to halp some other elders out as well, so that was good. Thursday and friday we had some pretty good days at work and saturday was a little rougher. We ate at the house of the bishop and then we went home after we were done. At midnight i was woken up by the fireworks that everybody was throwing off in the neighborhood. They were throwing off alot and many of them were pretty loud and were pretty large as they exploded in the air. So i went back to bed soon after we saw the fireworks. Then sunday we worked all afternoon after the meetings in chruch. It was overall a good week and we are pretty happy about it.
Here in la plata there is a tradition that the people make big muñecos. they are like huge piñatas that are fiiled with explosives, aerosol cans and fireworks that are make them explode. i didnt see any explode but i saw them around. They are all huge and very cool looking. There are some that are really artistic. There were some of dragons, yogi the bear, the smurfs and alot of other things. they burn them in the middle of the night at several hours.
I love you all and i thank you for all of your support!!! I hope that everybody has a great week and that you are all safe!!! Tell Nathan and the family i say hi and that i love them all!!! Keep up the good work that you are all doing there at home!!! I know that the church is true and that we are truly Blessed!!! I hope that you all can start the new year off well!!! Happy New year!!!!
Alot of Love
Elder Shane Larson