Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

Hello Family!!!

So i am doing great here!!! Todo bien, todo tranquilo!!! Tengo animo que Erik se va casar pronto. Que Bueno!!! hahaaha No te precupes Erik que no me escribe, yo sé, está bien. Me alegro que estés feliz and tengas tanto animo.

To answer your question about if i can hear people scream goal in the streets... thats a positive. We didn´t leave the pension yesterday because Arg. played and we wouldnt have any success so we stayed in and i read my scrips and took a little nap. The thing here is they like shooting off fireworks from there front yards when Arg. Scores. They also like to yell and blow plastic trumpets. The when the game is over they like to drive around honking. So it is pretty loud here. Pretty crazy. I dont want to see the day when they lose because they are crazy and happy, i dont want to see them crazy and sad/mad... no thank you.

Other than that, the investigator that was baptized was interviewed yesterday para que califique de recibir el sacerdocio arónico. Entonces, estamos muy felizes por eso. Y Wilson, él es muy animado porque quiere predicar el Evangelio y recibir el sacerdocio tambien. Le encanta el Evangelio y no es un miembro todavía. hahaha La misión es tan increíble! Estoy leyendo las escrituras como no otro!! Me encanta las escrituras. El Señor me ayuda mucho. especialmente en las escrituras en las semana pasadas... es loco per verdad. no me lo creo. he aprendido tanto sólo porque Dios me permite.

The President is about to leave and the new one is coming in. It is pretty crazy. Time is flying by really fast and i cant hardly belive it. I am learning soo much i cannot even believe it. The scriptures are my best friends and i love feasting upon the words. All is well with those we teach. Daniel that we baptised will recieve the aaronic priesthood soon. He was interviewed yesterday so that is awesome!!! We met with Wilson who cant wait to be baptized. It is kinda funny, he told us that he had a dream a while ago that he was being taught by a North American "Chilean" or latino and a argentine ( a member that teaches with us). I thought that was pretty cool!!! who would have figured hahaha

I like telling funny stories that happens. It is always with my comp. We were working saturday and there was news that it was going to rain sunday. There were alot of clouds out though and i figured it was going to rain. i took my umbrella and my coat and we left. So here, ther is like a mist that is all over before it starts to rain or after or when it cant rain rain, it mists. So it started to mist Saturday and we got wet a little bit. We didnt have any appts. so we went to a members house and we had a little lesson. Then we had to walk about 25- 27 blocks away to go to another appt. with Daniel. We start walking and it starts to mist and then rain. then it starts getting harder. My comp has a coat on that isnt waterproof without a umbrella. After the first 10 blocks i looked at him he was drenched. I had a good laugh with myself. Then at 20 blocks he looks liked he just got out of the shower. He was walking fast so he could get to the house of daniel so that we could get dry. He was completly soaking. I couldnt help to laugh because he was soo unprepared and he knew that i had my umbrellas but because it was notified that it was supposed to rain sunday he didnt think it would... hahahaha good times..

It is hard to keep up the physicality on the mission. I am trying to by lifting my laundry balde (cubeta) with water and things on top of it. Doin push ups and also my abs...i need to start doing something or it wont look pretty when i returen home... hahaha

That is all the good funny stuff that went on. I have been edified greatly from the scriptures!! I hope that you all are reading because i love reading the scripturtes now! absolutley love them!!!! I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that the scruptures are the words of God!!

I want to tell you that i know, without a single doubt that he was and the Book of Mormon is true!!! The Church of Christ is on the earth and we are very blessed to be a part of it!!!

I pray for you all!! Peace be unto you all!! have fun Be safe, Do all that you are suppose to!!! Have fun to erik!!!

ps. Members tell me that since Erik is getting maried without me being there that erik shouldñ´t be allowed to come to my wedding... you might want to think about rescheduling erik ;) chiste

Love :) Elder Larson

Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

Hey Family!!!

I am doing well !! It is getting cold here and the humidity doesnt help at all. But, other than that all is well!! I cannot complain about anything else. I am still in Berazategui with Elder Calderon. We are going to stay another transfer and then we will see what happens the 1 of august at the next transfer. My President will be leaving to his house July 1 and the new president will be coming. It is sad to see him go but he has been here for 3 year already and his mission is up. It is sad to see him go. I really loved him and his wife.

Other than that all is well. We had a baptism on saturday. the man we baptized was named Daniel Vazquez. It was awesome and quiet amazing the change that he went through in his life in shuch a short amount of time. He was baptized 2 weeks after we started teaching him. I was blessed to be the one to confirm him in the church and after that i was also blessed to give a talk in Sacrament. therefore i had my first baptism and talk this past sunday!!! hahaha I confirmed Daniel a member in the Church sunday!!! It was alittle scary and it was a little nerve racking but i did it with the help of the spirit and all was well. Then after that i had to give a talk in sacrament... my first one!!! that was also nerve racking and on top of that, my comp was suppose to give one to but at last minute they changed it and it was a sister and I. My comp gave me his sheet of paper with 3 scriptures and that was it so that i could give his talk and my talk: on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. I was very unprepared but once again the spirit helped me and i wasnt even nervous when i got up to speak. The spirit calmed my nerves soo much it was really pretty crazy. I probably sounded like a little primary kid with basic teaching and spanish but i felt pertty good after it. hahah

I will start my 6th month on the mission in 6 days and i cant hardly belive that it is soo crazy!!! We are still working hard down here and there is nothing to worry about.
Tell dad i say HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I love you all and i hope all of you are doing well!!!!
You are in my prayers!!! LOVE YOU

Elder Shane Larson

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 14, 2010


All is well here. It s interesting. Every store has a tv and everybody watches fútbol all the time. It is quiet funny hahah. But the work is going good!! It is the last week of transfers!! Time is flying!!!! I cannot believe it!!! I am about to start my 6th month in 13 days... crazy!!

Well about the work. We have a baptism scheduled this week. the mans name is Daniel. He has a problem with alcohol but if he doesnt drink this week he will be baptized on Saturday. He also has a few health problems.. he has an artificial vein and gets transfusions like 3 times a week, i dont know what happend very well but it is interesting. His mom really wants him to come closer to God and Christ through us even though she is not of our faith. he is also 33 years old. but all is good!!! he will be baptized and confirmed a member or the ture church of Christ!!!

Another awesome story is that there was colombian man that came to church sunday. He has such a strong testimony of Christ and he was testifying of Christ in chruch, though he isnt even a member. He was reciting scriptures and all. I dont know real well if we went to our church in Colombia or not, i think a few times but i am not sure. The crazy thing is, He told us that he loves the way the church is organized and that it is much clearer than any other. He said he wanted to be baptized saturday!!! I met him for the first time sunday and he already wants to be baptized!!!!!!! IT IS AWESOME!!! he even said that he wanted to reach like E' calderon and I!! I felt sooo good sunday!!!! it was awesome. I hope thiings go well with him. He may need to get divorced before his baptism because i dont know his relationships now but he is seperated and his wife live in colombia... we will see!!!

Thank you for the letter family!!!!!!!1 I hope all is well, i love you all, you are in my prayers... BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

eLDER Shane Larson

Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

Shane and Elder Estrada (1st companion)
Shane and Elder Calderon (2nd companion)

Well, i am alive...hahahaha!! First of all I am really glad that everybody is doing good there at home!!! I am doing really good here!!! This last week went really good!! Actually, when i arrived in Berazategui it was kinda dead. There wasnt a whole lot of action going on:( However in the last 2 weeks we have been seeing success like no other. I am not sure why the Lord blesses me soo much. I have always asked that question. I feel like that i am not doing enough and i dont know but it is weird. We found 25 new investigators the last 2 weeks. Only 1 has a baptismal date. We are going to have to work really hard these next two weeks because i think that E Calderon is going to be transferred. But yeah i think there was like 3 to 5 people that approached us in the street... it is pretty crazy!!! But yeah, other than that, everything is going normal. I dont know how my spanish is. I think that it is pretty good... im trying. I am talking alot more than i had originally. It is interesting the different ways other latins talk. it is kinda funny!!!!

Congrats to Blaine for me!!! If anybody were to go to the Netherelands out of our group, it would be him- share the love!

I love you all!!!! Be safe!!!! talke care!!! You are all in my prayers!!!!! Tell the kids i love them!!!

here are some pics!!

Elder shane larson

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010


Last week i went to Capital to fill out some papers in order to stey here. Capital is pretty and i wish i could have taken pictures but my camera died and the plugs here are different so i cant charge my battery until i get a plug. We worked really hard last we and we found some new investigators to teach. We wont have any baptisms this week in Berazategui... which is sad but we are building up definetely. Hopefully next transfer!!!

There is a member in the ward that has epilipsy. We went over to his house and read scriptures because he is a ward missionary. He had an attack and it scared me pretty bad. Right before the attack he went into a trans and started to laugh really weird and it was crazy, like he was possessed or something, but he is not, then he started shaking and fell to the ground. it was really strange. it was very interesting. It had rained last week for a whole day and it is hard doing the work in the rain becuase everybody is home, but nobody wants to let us in...

Todat we went to a place called La Plata. We went to a museum!!! it was really awesome but still i couldnt take pictures because my camera is still dead:( I will have one of the other elders send you some. there was everything in the museum. old pottery, fossils, Dinosaur skeletons, and taxedermy!!! I loved it. La plata is really pretty too. the most pretty place that i have seen... i think i like it better than the part of the capital that i visited...

Anyway, all is well here!!! I have had asado for the first real time saturday!!!!! a ton of meat a member made for us. Then Sunday we had another fine meat at a members house. Then Monday i had a pork roll at a members house. I think i am gaining wait.... at least losing muscle for sure. I have started working out in the mornings with some simple excersices... hahaha

I love you alll!!!!!!!!1 Be Safe!!!!!!!!!! you are in my prayers always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. Mundial starts soon!!!! FIFA!!!!!! maybe erik will watch it, we arent allowed to participate... i think Espana is going to win but we will see!!!!!!!!i am sorry for the pics... i will try to send them!! LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!