Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010


That is interesting because alot of places are closed here because it is the bicentenial of Argentina today and tomorrow.
Where should i start... i will start with something funny. We were tracting this week and we come to a house. A lady calls from the window but tells us she is busy and doesnt have time right now. But there was a kid infront 11 years old. My comp asked "she is your daughter?" it was a boy!!! hahahahaha it was sooo funny i could help but laugh.. the boy said " i am not a girl i am a boy" but he appeared as a girl because he had really long hair and it with kinda curled!!! haahahaha sooo funny!!

Another funny story is that we contacted another young man 18 years old. he had a mole on his face and my come tells him that he had a mosquito on his face!! hahahha it was dark and my comp cant see very well. hahaha it was funny and once again i had a good laugh, inside this time, the other time i couldnt help but laugh out loud.

It rained really hard yesterday and last night. The rain here is Crazy!!! i cant believe it. it is like the big storms we get back home, but here there are even bigger storms!!! it is crazy.

All is welll here. we are working hard but we can defintely improve. We had our last zone conference with Pres. Asay. I will tell you what, when he talked to us, you could defintely tell that he was called by a prophet of God and that he had a divine calling. He is sooo powerful and amazing. He was set apart by Pres. Faust. He was called to 3 different positions before he was finally called as Mission Pres. of B.A. sur. I am kinda sad that i dont gte a longer time to get to know him. but hopefully the new pres will be just as awesome!!!! i know he will!!!

He answered questions that we had and overall it was a great meeting. He taught us that we need to baptise and that we need to find more people. On the way back to Berazategui we met a lady that was interested and actually tapped my comps shoulder. it is awesome how the Lord works. Later we found potentially 3 new investigators.

Algo diferente aca es que mundial va a comenzar el principio de Junio. La gente aca encatan fútbol. es loco. si quieres, puedes verlo. Creo que España va a ganar. Es lo mejor equipo en el Mundo. Una cosa que me gusta comer, es miel con canela encima de pan!!! Que rica, para mi por lo menos!!! está muy rica.

Wow, puedo soñar del templo. Mi papá me dijo que Pres. Taylor había dicho que el tamplo más lindo en Rocky Mountains se va a constuir en Gila Valley. No puedo esperar ver eso. Que perfecto!!! que es asombroso que miraste la dedicación!! Estoy celo hahahaha. Los templos son perfectos. Los extraño muchismo!!!! Son las casas del Señor, no hay un otro lugar más espiritual o especial. Nos vamos al templo pronto. Hace calor no? Hoy y ayer han estado perfecto pero lluvió much ayer. No pudimos salir de una casa de un miembro porque la lluvia era tan fuerte.
But it is interesting here. It is hard going from going to the temple once a week to a place that is complety lost. but that is the reason why i am here. haha I hope that everybody is doing well there!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!

hope you enjoyed this letter... tell me if i can improve!!!!

Elder Shane LArsON :)=

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

Hello Family:

I am in a place called Berezetegui... you will have to ask erik how to say that. It is alot prettier than La Florida, My last area- If you want to look it up on google look up Quilmes. The work is steadily going. This comp is named Elder Calderon. He is from Chile and he is way different from my other comp. Very different. they are both hard working but the lives are very different.He is a convert and he is 25 years old. Hew wants me to ask nathan how good the bread is over there in Chile. What part did Nathan serve? It is interesting here, to see the changes in people and the dedication of each companionship and missionry. I also had an exchange with a missionary from my district in the MTC this week. that was very interesting because we both have the same experience and and i found myself talking alot and listening better because we are both yankees, thats what they call northamericans here. All of the members here are very loving and help us alot.

In the mission i have found that i need to always be ready to teach and always need to focus. at times it is hard because alot goes on here. We are working with 2 girls 10 and 11 years old and it is intereesting to see how much they know. Their parents are members but they are inactive and they dont think that they are ready to make such a greeat promise. they are from two different families, but they are cousins, so they recieve the lessons together. Other than that i have been getting to know the area and the poeple here. Nothing much more has gone on.

We did however have a zone service project in where we painted a school. So many things here have graffitti on them here. There is alot of disrespect going on here. so we got the opportunity to serve them. I was really happy for that. I love to do service projects!!!! A lady took a picture of me and another missionary thast i went on intercambios with. she said that we are going to be in the Liahona. I will try to send pictures next week i am sooo sorry for this. I didnt know that we were comiung the the cyber this early today. My comp doesnt plan very well so i hope that i can help him with that.

Thank you for all the prayers and for all that you all have done for me! I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

How is everybody doing? it was good to talk to all of you yesterday!!!! I am very thankful for that member that let me use her phone. I have seen all types of missionaries; including Nephi, Sam, Laman and Lemuel. It is hard to be Nephi but there are definetly blessings that come when you are a Nephi. Bro. Grant sounds very wise for his age. I dont know how he picked up i wouldnt change much on my mission, i thought that was pretty interesting. I think that everybody has alot to work on, and i follow the rules but i believe that i can improve alot. I hope that i am an example to others. But this reminds me of the talk that the Pres. gave today. it was on how we need to not be contentious and be loving. Those who reject the Gospel and dont like what we are doing are rejecting Christ the same. However, we need to be loving and try our hardest. What i wsa thinking about is if the poeple reject us and in the same rejecting Christ, then we need to be as Christlike as possible. We need to have faith in him and rely on the Spirit, first of all obtaining the spirit and then mantaining the Spirit. It was a very good talk i thought.

The transfer is interesting because i had to pack my bags and then go by bus and train to the mission home. We had a meeting where the Pres. Spoke as well as his wife and then the missionaries that are leaving bore their testimonies. Now we just got done eating at McDonalds and i am typing to you. I have to take the train to get to my area but i dont know much more than that. sorry:(

Well, my companion, Elder Calaron, is from Chile. Do you know where Leisha lived and where Nathan served by the way? He has been in this area for 6 months. He is a convert and the only one in his family. He has only gone 2 transfers without baptising therefore i need to put it in gear. There arent very many roads that are dirt like my other area and i hear it is safe. I am not there yet but i also hear that it is pretty too!!!! I think that this transfer will be very interesting. My comp seems very straight forward. He is a little harder to understand and talks a little faster than my other companion. He has 17 months in the mission and hopefully we will have several baptisms this transfer.

I will write more when more happens. The transfer is all that we have done today. I love you all and I hope that all is well at home. can you give me hans email??thank you!!! My prayers are with you all!!

Last week:
Last week we went on exchanges and i went with Elder Hurtado again. I have talked about him before. He is great. I went to his area and there we found 2 new investigators. That ws the highlight of my week except for the eventful day today. I saw my whole district from the MTC and they are all doing great!!! I am glad to see that they are doing good!!


Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010


My week. It started off usual. Then unexpectedly we had another exchange. I got to go with one of the zone leaders. se llama Elder Montalvo. He is from Peru. We spent the day in his area and they get to ride bikes so that was fun. However, the bike was way to tall for me and at times it hurt. Other than that i learned alot from him and how to be more natural when`speaking and how to ask for referencias. Also- this is funny- at there pension there are cats that live with them. Wild cats that live in the house, so i guess they arent too wild. He feeds them and theysat on my lap and when i woke up thrsd. they were sleeping next to me!!!! hahahaha it was really funny. E' Montalvo cooks really good food too. He want to be a chef and cooked a peruvian rice and chicken dish with bell peppers chives and eggs... way good. later i made a mistake and wasted an hour by accident because i didnt hear his companion say that we were going to meet 2.30 so we went to another area at 12:30 because i thought he said 12:30 and then had to return back the the same area... it was bad on my part but he told me that the mission is full of unplanned events.

A funny story this week is that our energy bill was under some leaves in the front of our pension and we didnt know, so they cut off our power. It was bad but we paid it a day later and it was fine. It was funny beacuse we had no light and the ice in the freezer melted and was all over the ground.

To answer your questions: we currently have about 5 serious investigators. 3 of them need to get married before they can get baptized. another girl that we are teaching has family mambers that are baptized but she needs to come to church and the last we just found so we willl ses how that turns out. My comp. is the same, and i think i will be with him for another 6 weeks because this is his 2 transfer in this area so i think he will stay. I do eat dulce de leche alot, i need to stop eating so much sweet stuff because i will get fat... mi companero me dice que voy a gordarme y que cuando regreso, no me reconoceras. But that is alright... i dont think that i will. I havent had the steak or asada yet sadly or with the egg in the center.

I still havent had any baptisms. We had splits for an hour this week and that was interesting. Nothing happened. ALot of the invst. are slowing progres therefore it is hard to have baptisms whenyou are not teaching anyone. But, if all goes to plan we should have about 4-5 this month so that is exciting. My spanish is coming along slowly but surely.

Thank you for all that you do!!!!!!!!!!! You have all been such great examples to me!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL Be safe and you are in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Shane Larson

Can somebody send me some recipes??? More with vegetables. Nobody will belive this but i eat all different types of veggies here and fruits!!!! Can you send the recipe for potatoe soup mom??? Thanks!!! LOVE YOU!!!!