Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 28, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
First of all, my companion says Hi, and that he is excited to meet all of you. He says that he will try to visit the 2nd or the 3rd.

Well, this week has gone well. We have been teaching some kids that have a baptismal date now and we are hoping that they will get baptized the 24 of Sep. They are really cool, but there living conditions arent the best, so i really hope that they can have the blessings from the Gospel in their lives. The family seems like it is struggling economically, so i hope that they can have the blessings of the gospel in their lives because i know that it would help them alot!  We continue to work here in Tolosa and we are walking quite a bit as well, but all is well. We are trying to find people to baptize and trying to help people find the truth so all is well.
We have had some funny experiences as well in my time here.My comp and i are always laughing and haveing a good time, and yesterday was a really funny day. we were in sacrament and they asked a new convert to give the last prayer. She is an older lady and she got a little confused becasue when she got up there she started to talk as if she was bearing her testimony. There was still many people in the reverent praying position, but she kept talking and talking, mainly about how she loed the misisonaries that had come before. Then she gave pretty much a shout out to my companion because his brithday is today. It was a good laugh that we had and today we have an appointment with that lady to celebrate my comps birthday.
Another good story is that we were in the bus and i had a feeling to talk to a lady. She looked at us as if she wanted to talk to us and so i went and talked to here and she is studying theology and philosofy. We set up another day to go talk to her about the gosple, but i felt really good afterward and i could feel the spirit. it was way cool!!!
Other than that i am doing good here. there isnt that much news because the days go by really fast and we are doing pretty much the same things everyday. We havent had much service projects or anything so we just kep walking and talking with the people. I am thankful for all that you all do for me and for the prayers and for the letters. Time is really flying!! Keep up the good work at home and i love you all very much!!! Be saafe!!! My prayers are with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hey Family!!!
I am glad that you are all doingwell there at home and i can hardly imagine what the house is like without any children nor anybody pretty much.... thst is super crazy!! This week went pretty good, it was pretty calm and a whole lot didnt go on. The time is flying by pretty fast, i can hardly beleive it. My companion is from Queen Creek- his name is Levi Combs and he end the mission in 5 weeks, but will be home in 6. He also served in Las Flores a couple of months before i was there. He wants to go and visit you all after he arrives so be prepared for a visit from him. To answer your question mom, i am pretty close to the ocean but i cannot go to it becasue my area is on the interior and my zone doesnt reach to the coast. But it wouldprobably take 45 minutes to get there in the bus.

Today for P-day we went to visit a soccer stadium and we also went to vist the governors house. It is a big building that is really old, but it is in pretty good shape. I took some pictures and i will try to send some nexy week becasue i cannot really send them this week due to me forgetting the things that lets me transfer them from my card to the computer.  It is pretty cool here in la plata and it is very different from my other areas that i have been in. It seems like this place is a little richer than all the other areas that i have been in because this is the capital of Buenos Aires and there are alot of universities here. Another thing that my companion and i have started doing everyday is we go out to run every morning. I am feeling pretty good running every morning and i am enjoying the good exercises. Also, it is a good start for the marathon.

I am happy that everybody is doing well. I hope that Erik can get a job soonand i hope that everybody in the family is doing good!!! I dont write too much becasue everything happens soo fast and sometimes it seems like i do much of the some things everyday. I am doing good and i am very thankful for all of your prayers and the letters and eveything that you all do for me!!! I keep you all in my prayers and in my thoughts!!! Love you all!!!!


Love Elder Shane Larson

Keep up the good work Hans!!! I know that you will... and everybody thinks that you are a stud- they know it- kepp it up hans!!! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 15, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
That sounds like everybody is doing great there at home!! i am happy to hear that Erik and Alesha are doing good and that they have completed a happy first year as a married couple!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! that is awesome to hear and i am happy for them. Hans sounds like he is doing good, so that is good. I hope that everybody is doing good and i hope that the grandparents are also doing well!!!

This week for me has been a good week. I have been thinking alot of time lately. Maybe it isnt a good thing, but i have been thinking that the time is just flying by. I can hardly believe. Half of the missionaries that i have had as companions have completed the mission and i am reaching the point to where i am almost one of the oldest missionaries. there are still other missionaries that are older, but i cannot beleive how fast time is flying by. It also makes me think of how important time is. We onle have a certain amount of time whether it be in the mission, school, or in life, and we shall be judged for what we did in the time that wwe have been given. There isnt enough time in the life, so you cannot waste not even a minute.

The news for this last week is that my companion were able to baptize a man that is half paralyzed from a stroke that he had. He can not move the right part of his body. He also has a hard time speaking and remembering. He had the desire to be baptized and was keeping the commandments. His wife is a member and she also had helped him. We were able to teach him and got baptized on Saturday. It was special because my companion and i were both in the baptismal font baptisming him. He didnt make it in all the way the 1st time so we had to do it another time, but before we did it officially we did some practices becasue we had to lift him off a chair that he was sitting on and then put him in the water and then take him out. It was a great service and the first time that i was able to baptize a person with a handicap like that. It was really special for him and for us.

Other than that, i have been transferred again. I am with an Elder from Queen Creek named Elder Combs. He is about to finish his mission. I am in a place called tolosa that is in the capital of the Buenos Aires. I have never been in this zone before so i am really excited to be here and get to know the people and everything.

I am doing well here and i am thankful for the opportunity to serve as a missionary of the Lord. I thank you all for the love that you express and for writing me. I love you all and i hope that you all have a good week!!! I hope that you all can have the great influence of the Holy Ghost in your lives!!! My prayers are with you!!!

Love Elder Shane Larson

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

Dear Family,
I dont have much time to write today. I love you all and i thank you all for writting me. The time is flying by superfast and i can hardly believe that we are already in one week in August. that is absolutely crazy to me. That is also cool that hans can go for another month longer. He is obviously dedicaded to the mission and knnows what is most important in life. That is way cool about Erikand Alesha. Erik might work in the MTC, that is way cool because the MTC is a super special place. That is cool that matt can go rafting in Oregon, thats where he served his mission too so that is pretty cool. But i am happy that he is happy! 
I am doing good here. Everything is all good and i am trying to keepup the work. To let you know mom, i leave here the 30 of January and i get home the 31. I love you all and i hope that you all are safe and that you have a great week!!! 
Elder Shane Larson

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 1, 2011

Hey family!!!!!
It sounds ike everybody is doing good there i at home. i like that you have a garden dad, that is really cool and i always that it was interesting, but that is a good example of autosufficiency. I like it alot and i know that i will have a garden when i have my own house. I was telling my comp the other day that i have never bought lemons in my life becuase we have a tree in the back yard. I am glad that you two went to go visit some members, i know that it may not seem like much, but it really means alot for those members. I have seen alot of cases here where peopl have left the church because nobody ever visits them so good job mom and dad!!!!
I think that that is a way cool story that David told. I like it alot and that is a great blessing in his life. Everybody can be a missionary and it great to have the opportunity to help someone, especially someone that you love, enter into a covenant with our Father in Heaven. That is cool that he is now off for the mission.
I thought it was kinda weird that hans said i havent written in a while because i write every week. I hope that you are all getting my letters. This last week we had a crazy storm and i got all wet. It was raining really hard, not for a long time, but really hard and there was lighting and thundering. I htought it was interesting because my companion said that before the mission he had never seen lightning. It was a pretty big storm and there where neighborhoods that were left without light or electricity. Some peoples houses were damaged, but other than that it was all good.
I am enjoying the misison. i think that i can still improve in alot of areas. I am happy for the position that i am in and for the opportunity that i have to serve others. Thank you all for writing me and for hte news update!!! So that meand that Erik will be all moved up by next week. What car does he have? What is he going to do? How is Molly doing?? How is Nathan and Ryan?
I would like to send pics next week, so we will see if the computers wrk in another area so that i can send you pics.
I love you all and i hope that you are all doing good and having fun living the gospel at home. I cannot believe how fast time is flying by, so not too much longer until you get a hug from me mom!! And you too dad!!
My prayers are always with you all!!! Love you lots!!
Keep up the good work Hans!!!! 
Love Elder Shane Larson