Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January 1, 2010 Shane's 1st Email

Hey Everybody!!!!!!!!!! i am doing good here at the mtc. The big news is nothing much... i am the district leader and i have been able to have good leadership opportunity. I am doing good, i have awesome teachers and awesome zone leaders. They are great examples!!! there is this missionary named elder Turner and he is awesome, much like a big brother. He leaves for Panama next week. My comps name is Elder Schultz. Everything is going good and i am having a good spiritual time. I am learning spanish really well, i have the most experience so i get to help out the other elders in the district. The food here is alright. I cant eat a whole lot because it fills me up really fast. all the elders in my district are cool. there are 9 of us including me. I cannot wait to leave for Argentina though. I was able to make a friend on the plane ride here and i was able to teach him almost the whole way here!! thanks for the letter Erik!! it means alot. thank for all of your support family.

The work here is good! I like it a lot. I can’t wait to go to Buenos Aires. I was able to teach this guy on the airplane on the way here. He had served in Iraq for 15 months a while ago and he had good LDS examples. He was telling me that they were great examples and that they lived up to the standards that the church has set. He said that he thought that was really impressive because it would be hard to act that way especially in the army. That’s how he started the conversation with me about me going on a mission. It seemed that he was looking for religion and I was telling him what we believe. I felt good after that and i got the realization that I need to go and start preaching the gospel like no other.