Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010 (The Last Email From the MTC)

I have only one more week to go until I go to Argentina!!!!! I cannot wait!!! This is a very exciting time!!!! The plan of salvation is our plan. It is why we are here on earth. Without Christ, we would have nothing. We would be nothing, nothing would ever come about. The central part of the plan of salvation is Christ. It is reassuring to understand that Christ is there for us whenever; good or bad or indifferent. He has suffered all things. He knows exactly what we are going through and the challenges that we have. An elder in our district has a photo of a person holding a hammer and a stake, while Christ is holding him up. I thought that it is a really powerful picture because it indicates: "whenever we get tired of crucifying Christ (sinning) He will be there to hold us" it is so powerful and it is so true!!!!! He is our advocate with the Father. No other being can justify justice. I love that!!! Anyways, everything here is good. No complaints. I leave on Monday, and my flight leaves from here at 12. I arrive in Georgia around 6 and then fly to Buenos Aires at I think about 8-8:30... I can call home so be prepared!!!! I will get to Buenos Aires at 7:45 the next morning. I love you all and thank you for writing!!! My prayers are with you all!!!!!