Monday, March 29, 2010

On His Way to Argentina!!! The Adventure Begins!!! March 29, 2010

Yesterday was the last day at the MTC. I don't know what to say. I have learned so much while I have been here that it is amazing. Por ejemplo, I now study better and have greater knowledge of the gospel, I can speak Spanish (a little :) )and I have made great friends. all of my district has been great. there ends with 8 of us: Elder Schultz (my comp.) Elder Bryan, elder McGary, Elder Taylor, Elder Jackman, Elder West, and Elder Livingston. It has been fun to see how we have grown and how we have become so close over these past 9 weeks.

During my time here I have only seen 1 apostle. it is sad but the very first day Prs.Uchdorf came to greet us!! That was sooo exciting and he seemed to glow. it was awesome, I think that I was only about 50 ft away... give or take a couple feet. I have gotten to know our branch presidency here quite a bit. their names are Pres. Olsen and Sister Olsen - she is one of the sweetest ladies that I have ever met!! she is so nice and she is so strong. she loves the missionaries and her spirit is so sweet. Then we had Pres.Vernon, however he moved to Alaska for business therefore he was released from that position a couple of weeks ago. Next is Pres. Born. he got released and is now the branch president of the American sign lang. branch. He served in the states on a sign language mission and now has a company here that signs. His wife's parents are deaf I believe so he met her and it worked. He was awesome. You could definitely tell that he loved us all. Next we have Brother Brathwaite . He was very nice and very sensitive to the missionaries. then Brother Taylor, I didn't know him very much because he was just called and I didn't spend a lot of time with him.

It has been fun to have leadership positions here. I served as zone leader and district leader. I liked how I was able to be a help to others through the calling that I have been given. as well as I really got to know all the elders and sisters in my zone because of it, so that was fun. Nothing much more to say about that other than it has been a blessing in my life to be able to serve the people in my zone.

My teachers- I don't think I could have got any better ones!!! their names- Hermana Rizley and Hermano Hellewell. Hermana Rizley was best friends with Tiffany Howe if anybody can believe that. she went to Horizon and had talked to aunt terry over the e-mail. She is an amazing teacher. she always had a smile on her face and her testimony of the gospel was obviously shown through her actions. she is very smart and wanted the best for all of us. She will be going to Cambridge this summer to do a semester. she is very serious and is a very hard worker. Hermano Hellewell is pretty much different than her. first of all- where do you get a name like that?? He was super funny. and actually he served in the Mesa mission. it is interesting how both of my teachers have connections to Arizona. He just got off his mission last year, I think 8 months ago or something of the nature. He has great stories of his mission and he is a very powerful speaker. he can be quite a goof sometimes however, really funny!!!

I have seen Hans a couple time while being here. I have seen Gabe more than has I think. last night was the last time that I will see Hans for 2 years. it is sooo crazy!!! anyway I cannot wait to leave and get to Argentina. I leave in 45 minutes to the airport which I will travel to Georgia. I will get there at around 5 45 and I will call home around 3 your time!!!I will leave for Argentina at 8 45 and arrive around 8 tomorrow morning.

I love you all soo very much!!! I want to thank all of you for all you time and effort and confidence in me. all of the prayers have definitely helped me while I have been here. I pray from all of you every day and I hope that everything is well there!!! Sorry that me emails have been short and not descriptive but we only have 30 minutes to write and read and it is hard to remember what goes on. Thank you family!!! I love you!!!

McKell- Thank you for all that you have done for me while I have been here!!! You are a blessing in my life. I love you soo much!!!!

God Bless all of you

I shall talk to you later today