Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 6, 2010

Esas son algunas fotos que he sacado. Igual no tengo muchas, pero quiero sacar más. En mi nuevo area, espero que pueda yo sacar ma´s fotos porq is más tranquilo que mi otras areas. espero que les gusten!!!!!!
These are fotos that i have taken. It was hard to take them in my other areas because i couldnt ever walk around with my camera. i hope that you like these and i hope i will be able to take more in Las Flores.

Dear Family!!!
 To start off, that sounds good dad, use that as the talk. And congrats dad on you goals for indexing!! That is great!! I am glad that everybody is doing well and thank you all for the birthday wishes!!!! I t doesnt feel any different being 20 only that i slep bad last night and i woke up today with an achy back... but all is well!!

This last week was interesting... there was some people that didnt like us very much and we had to move. on top of that we didnt have any light in the pension becuase the bill never arrived at our door and the company literally cut our lights. Then to make things more complicated, my comp had to go to a training thing because he is going to train a new missionary. So i was with another elder this whole last week practically and we were moving pensions. It was a pretty crazy week, very different from the usual but that is alright.

I do have to say that Erik was right. I got moved from the area that i was in. I am now in a place called Las Flores. It is one of the smallest towns in the mission and it is the furthest area to the west that you can get. I am super excited because everybody tells me that it is really calm and everybody knows each other. I am super excited to be in this area, i havent actualy seen it yet but i shall see it soon. I have to take a bus for about 2 and 1/2 hours. I think that it is really cool though and i am super excited!!!! My new comp is from Peru. He seems really cool and  all of the other peruanos that i have met are all really cool, so this should be a fun transfer. His name is espinoza and he is from the place where Justin Leach served. I asked my comp and he said that he didnt know Justin. My comp has only 2 months in the mission so this will be really cool to have him as a companion.

Other than that there isnt much going on... I shall update next week on my new area and my comp. I like that everybody is doing well over ther and that there arent any major problems. It sounds like erik is getting everything figured out with him and alesha!!! that is awesome!!! I want to thank you too for the package!! that was awesome!! I love all of the treats in the box and the ties are really nice too!!! Thank you sooo much!!! I love you all and i hope that everything goes well for everybody!!! Only a couple more weeks until i get to talk to you all!!! I love you all and my prayers are with you all!!!!

Elder Shane Larson