Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011

 This is the lady that we baptized as well as her family!!! The are all super awesome!!!!! This little girl in the foto is named Maya and she is absolutely hilarious!!! The other fotos is me and my comp walking around near the outskirts of the area. There is pretty much only fields beyond that point.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I am glad to hear that everything is going good for everybody there at home!!! It sounds like mom is doing a good and is really working hard on her goals!!! That is way cool too dad how you are going to go to Havasupai again!!! I loved that hike!!! It does seem to me that the goals of the church and the training is being more stressed, as well as the importance of the quality of the leaders and efforts of each memeber of the ward. I think that it is interesting because i have given, for the past 3 weeks, lessons in church about the 2nd coming and the milenium, as well as the signs to come and the signs that we have already seen. I think that this extra stress on the leaders and the organizations of the church is another sign to tel us that we need to start preparing hard core... but that is just an opininon that i have.i am not sure though.

How is all the family doing? I have heard there are broken records of the cold there where grandad and grandma are... that sounds pretty intense!!  Hans´ weather sounds pretty extreme too!!! I was also happy to hear about Blaine getting into the field and how happy and excited he is to be in the field working in the Lords work. that is wasy cool!!!!!! How are all of the kids doing?? How is Matt doing? it has been a long time since i have heard from him. I hope that grandma is doing good!

This last week was kinda slow with the work. I am not sure why it was soo slow. We have only 2 weeks left in this transfer, and things are changing it seems in the mission. We used to meet altoghter in one big meeting every transfer, but only those that are going to be transferred are going to be able to go to the transfer meeting. This is so that we will be able to spend more time in our areas and spend more time inviting people to come unto Christ. 

The weeks are going by so fast and we do alot of things in the day that i cannot remember really well what all happened last week. I am doing good though and i am very thankful for the family that i have been given. I am blessed to be able to reflect everyday on how i am doing, as well as see others so that i can set goals on how i want my family to be in the future. I am very grateful to have such an awesome family and people that really care for me. I thank you all for the great example that you have given me since my youth!!!

I love you all and i hope that you all are having a good Valentines Day!!! Mom and Dad, you should go visit Grandad and Grandma! That would be good to take a little time to go up there and enjoy the nice, fresh, cool air!!! I love you all and you are all in my prayers!!!!

Love Elder Shane Larson

Mom- dont worry about the stamps because i can send letters here. But that you very much!!!!