Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!!!!
It sounds like everybody is doing good there at home and that you were able to spend time with the family!!!! I think that is cool that you are puttting in for elk again dad. I hope that you can get drawn!!! but if not, next year willl be the year and i will also be able to go!!! I am happy that mom is still going good with her goal!!! that is great mom!!!! it would be good to read the Book of Mormon as well and do refrencing, but remember to have patience!! I cannot believe that you are reading so fast, i cannot not read that fast- and that is the truth!!!
I hope that the rest of the family is doing goood!!! I hope that ryan is doing well with the new house and that Erik and Alesha are doing good together. How is the rest of the family doing??? I hope greaat!!!!!

Now to anwser your questions: In Las Flores i still have to clap houses. Not all of them, but there is still houses that i cannot get to the door to knock or the door bell is out of reach so i have to clap. There are not any official restaurants from the states nor stores, but they do sell things from the states here. Alot of the things that they sell here from there are expensive, so i dont usually buy that stuff, but there are times where you can find places that sell things similar for much less.
This last week went really good for us. I was worried that we werent going to have a good work because the week before wasnt very good, but this last week went really well. We were able to find 7 more people and teach some good lessons. I like geting to know the people here. I like it because it is almost like they become my family that i have known for a long time when really i havent known them for more than 3 months is that. I have been blessed to recognize the importance of the Priesthood in our lives. I gave my first blessing of Comfort this last week. It was my first time so it was a little different than the blessing for the sick, but i tried to listen to the Spirit during the blessing. I felt really good afterward and i think that the man that recieved the blessing felt good afterward and i hope that he could feel the Love of God. I think that through the blessing, we have grown closes as friends.
There are alot of things that one learns from the mission.I am very grateful that i have been blessed to be able to come here and get to know these people and be a part in their lives. I hope that the people i teach can recieve a testimony of the things that we teach them. The Gospel is great!!!!!! I was also able to give my testimony in church Sunday. I felt prompted to go up and testify of Christ as our Savior. I felt really good afterward and i known that Christ lives and that what ever problem that we have we can recieve help form Him because He knows us personally. Heavenly Father really answers prayers and we are very blessed to be able to live in a time that, is a little rough like mom said, but is soo good and with the fulnesss of the Gospel!!!
I love you all and you are all in my prayers!!!!!
Elder Shane Larson
ps. tell erik to look up the artist Dread Mar-e i think is him. He is a reggae/christian singer with really good music!! I think that erik would like to listen to him. Alot of people listen to him here and he has really good relaxing music.
My comp wants to know if you can help him find a Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration DVD in spanish. Then he can pay me and you can take the money off of my card, but if you cant find one, that is alright.
Mom, that is alright, you dont have to send me anything... i am actually losing weight and feeling good and it is alright that you dont send me anything if you really want to, let it be a surprise and it can be something small. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!