Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011

Hello Family!!!
This week went good! I have my new companion. He is from here, Buenos Aires, but in the west mission. He actually got called to the Venezuela, Caracas mission and he is waiting a visa. His name is Elder Muñoz. He doesnt know how much time he will be here for, because a visa can take up to 7 months, but i met an elder that did the same thing, and he waited 8 months to get his visa. So we will see what happens here with my companion.
I am happy to be training because it is interesting to see what the new missionaries have to say and see what ideas they have. I have had a new missionary by my side for the last 2 months almost, and i have been learning alot from them.
This past week has been some what the same as usually. However, we are now teaching a little girl who wants to get baptized. Her mother is a member, but is inactive, so we want to help the little girl get baptized and the mother back to church.
I gave a talk on sunday about charity... It was funny because there were only 2 speakers prepared to give talks: me and my comp. My comp maybe got the wrong idea when the president of the branch asked him to speak, because he left about 30 minutes left for me to speak. So i got up there are i only gave a talk that filled up half that time... so the president had to fill the rest of the time. I felt kinda bad because i didnt take to much time, but at the same time i was laughing to myself for another experience like that.
I love you all and i am thankful for all that you do and all of your prayers!! I love you all and i hope that you are all safe!!! My prayers are with you all!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson