Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25, 2011


ok so this week was a little different. We had exchanges with other missionaries. it was awesome because i was with my leader of district in Mayol, so i already knew him and he is super cool, so we had fun and we had a lot of success the couple of days that we were together. The sad thing is, is that we had to go to a different area to change back and we were stuck outside of the area for a day.We came back to Las Flores friday and we worked in the area friday. 
we met some people this week that seem prepared. I have had some great spiritual lessons and i hope the best for these people so we will have to see what happens here in the next couple of weeks.
Easter is celebrated as semana santa here. so they get thursday and friday off then saturday and sunday are the weekend. But i remember that i wanted to know a little more about the atonement of Christ. It was kinda funny because the elder that came with me to do the exchange was a little bit sick like almost flu the day before, but he is a hard worker, so he fulfilled his job. The funny part is Saturday i got sick... i was in bed all day and we didnt get much work in. I thought that i was suffereing a little bit (like a little baby), but i am happy nw that i got sick. I had a lot of time in bed saturday to think of the sacrifice that Christ had gone through. I felt pretty bad, but Christ took upon himself all of that sickness and pain that i went through x infinity. I realized that the atonement should be a big part in everybody´s life, and now i understand the sacrificew a little better of what my Savior did for me. Plus, on sunday we had a lesson on gratitud, i can say now that i am really greatful to feel better!!! :)
I know that my Savior lives and that He loves us. He really sacrificed alot for us and is always there to help us. He had to suffer so much so that he can help us in the times of need. He knows us better than we know ourselves. I love my Saviour and i  Love all of you and hope that you are all safe!!!! I pray for you all the time and I am very grrateful that i have a family like you!!!!!

Con mucho amor 
Elder Shane Larson