Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!!
It sounds like you are all doing good and that the last week went well!!! i am sorry to hear about your problems mom, but i know that you are strong and that you can overcome this upcoming challenge!!! I will be praying for you Mom!!!! that is for sure!!!
That is way cool how you all went shooting and that Erik and Alesha and McKell all went too!!! I saw some pics and they were way awesome!! I know that McKell  loved it, how did Alesha like it??That mink stole story is way cool... that is a nice lady that gave you that dad.
Well to start off, i would like to acknowledge the correctness Tuckers letter and Hans´s as well. I can see in the letter that them both are growing alot... well i alway thought that Hans was mature before he left the mission and i can only imagine. But Tucker has a good point. The mission changes a person. I was also thinking about that yesterday and i dont want to return to do some of the things that i used to. I love the mission because you get to learn a whole bunch and you get to experience alot of different things. I think that when someone goes on a mission, like what Hans and Tucker were saying, you learn and grow and you find out who you want to be and who you really are. It is a priceless experience and i thank both of them for the examples that they give.
Today i played basketball, the first time in about 14 months i think. It was really good. This last week was a little difficult... my comp was sick again and the work is going slow. It is always good to look at things in a positive way and that is what is need in Las Flores. Other thank that, not a whole lot went on. We continue looking for new investigators. SO if you all at home want to help in the work, you can pray to ask our Father in Heaven who is ready to be taught.... a friend or neighbor...i  know that God answers our prayers so he will answer your prayers and you can all have the joy that you get from sharing the Gospel!!!!
I love you all and i thank you all for all that you do for me and all that you have done for me. I still dont know why i am soo blesseed with such a great family and friends. YOU ARE ALL SOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! i love you all and my prayers are with you all!!! especially you mom!!!!! and not too much longer and you can have a big hu g too;)
Love Elder Shane Larson
mom, i dont need much in the packet... maybe some of those suckers and some peanut butter.... I dont know what else. I would like dried fruit and pic of you and the family to show my friends here!!! Maybe some protein bars but other than that nothing big. Thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!