Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!!

I am sooo happy that everything went well for you mom!!! I know that Our Father in Heaven is always wathcing out for us and that he had heard your prayers as well as all the prayers that everbody was offering for your benefit!!!! That is a greeaaat testimony and i am proud that you have such a strong testimony in the prayer!!!!!

It sounds like there was a good week for the preisthood there!!!! I am sooo grateful for the preisthood!!! This week we gave a blessing to a lady that isnt a member, but her daughter and grandaughter is. She had a problem with her blood pressure and in a bad condition, so we went to give her a blessing. We gave her a blessing and she really felt the Spirit and now is doing just fine. She has been taking it easy, but everything is better for her. We hope that she will comem to church and i have hope that she will get baptized!!! It was great to give her a blessing and i am happy that i have the opportunity to bless the lives of people throught the power of God. 

My comp has been having a hard time here because the people here are alittle hard in the heart, but we kept on going, enduring and the Lord had blessed us. I felt it necessary to ask for guidance yesterday and help having success because we walk around all day without seeing much success. Yesterday was the best day of the last transfer. We found a family and we were also able to visit that lady that we gave a blessing. I know that the Lord listens to our prayers and really does want us to have success, but we have to endure and continue. Hans, i know that your area and mission may be a little difficult, but keep up the hard good work that i know you are doing. You were placed there for a special and important purpose!!!!

I love you all and i want ot thank you all for the prayers that you offer for me. I can see the blessings!! I am here in last flores for another month and a half, so we will continue working hard. I love you all and i thank you for everything!!! I have been exceedingly blessed in my life and am truly thankful. I love you!!! Be Safe!!!! Continue steadfast and you shall see the blessings!!

Love Elder Shane Larson

in the package mom, i dont know if you could send some packets to make sloppy joes? and just some mangos and the mixed fruit. that is it... maybe some tabasco too...but that it is thank you very much!!!!