Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
Hows it all going there?? That was a pretty crazy storm i heard about and i also saw pictures of it too... plus it was on the news here too so wow, a world reknown dust storm is pretty crazy!! This week was pretty good. I am happy that i am out of Las FLores, not because i dont like Las Flores, but it was pretty small and there wasnt a whole lot to do because of the circumstances. I am very grateful to have served there and to have been able to help some people come unto Christ. The friends that i had made there to are eternal, i know that for sure. 

Here is really calm too. I like this place alot!!! The members are soo nice and they help us and everything and they all have a love for the missionaries, it is truly a blessing. And to tell you the truth, i have met some of the people here before,  so that was pretty interesting to find out. The area is a good area to work to. We seem to have alot of investigators and we find a good amount of people here. The pension is a nice pension and there are basically 4 of here because we live 2 feet from the pension of the other elders. I am the only one from the us here so i like that alot because i can practice my espaƱol more.

My companion is really cool and we get along very well. He is a good elder and he likes to work hard so i am happy with the situation that i am in. It is all good here. This week i had a little cold, but i am all good now.

Something interesting is that where i am at now, there are alot of paraguayos. (people from paraguay) so i am trying to see if i can learn a little bit of Guarani, which is the language of paraguay. It is pretty much like a native language but we visit families that talk in this language so i am going to see what happenes. It is funny because they speak in guarani to there family in front of my comp and i and we dont understand anything, for that reason we are trying to learn a little bit.

I am doing great overall fami. I hope that you are all good!! i am glad that everyting is going good for you mom and that dad is excited to run a marathon again... and i would like to see  if i could run a marathon. I will tell you one thing, i have to run alot when i get home so i can get back in shape because i am far from that right now. 

I love you all and i hope that you are all doing well!!! My prayers are with you all!!

Love Elder Shane Larson

congrats Alesha and Erik!!! 

Be safe everybody