Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
Bueno, today i was transferred. I am now in a place called El Parque in Florencio Varela. This is the 3rd time that i am in this city. I am happy to have been able to work in Las Flores, and i am also happy to be able to leave and to meet more people and work with others. I am now with another peruvian. His name is Elder Tantacucho. He just started the mission only 9 weeks ago so he is still new, but i am excited to have him as a companion and to work with him. He is from Chiclau, Peru, as like ELder Espinoza, a former companion of mine. 
Other than that, i ended my time in Las Flores well. On saturday we had a baptism of a little 9 year old girl, but it didnt go as planned. The mother got mad because of a problem that there was and almost left, but the baptism came out good so that was all good. The only thing bad that happened is that the girl got sick andcouldnt go to church to be confirmed, so next week she will be confirmed. 
It is been pretty cold here these past couple days, with even ice over puddles and frozen due. The humidity makes it even colder and after a thermal shirt, long sleeves, and 2 sweaters, the wind makes you feel like you are wearing a short sleeve. I am happy and i am doing good here. I love you all and i hope that you are all safe and having fun up ther!!! Happy 4th of July by the way!!! My prayers are with you all!!!!! Thank you for all your prayers and for the package mom!!! Everything in there is delicious!!! as well i loved the pictures and i like it when you send pics!!!! Tell the kids that i love them and to be safe!! I love you all!!!!!!

Love Elder shane Larson

I hope that Erik and Alesha can get the jobs that they wanted in Utah so they can continue to progress!
How is the rest of the family doing? Oh, yesterday some members gave me a mate, my first mate cup!!! So erik por ahi when i get home we can probarlo otra vez. 
If you want tohear some good spanish music, erik, look up Carlos Baute or spanish rap, porta thats what i am talking about.

I love you all!!!!!!!!!