Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
Well, i hope that dad and matt  were able to get and elk. that would be super cool!!!!! I am glad that everybody is doing good there and that everything is calm and everything. I am gald to hear that you are doing good mom and that grandma will get a little vacation. I think that will be fun for grandma as well! That is also good that hans was able to send his message this week. I hope that Erik and Alesha can feel a little better as well that is kinda a bummer, but it is like that iin life.
This was a good week. We Had a baptism of a 52 year old woman. She fell down in her house right before her baptism and she was almost not going to make it but went at last and she was baptized, but she had a hard time walking around and a supporting herself in the water. She was baptized and she came to church on Sunday and was confirmed a member. It was really cool because she wasnt even hurting on sunday and it just proves that God watches over his children. That was very nice seeing her be baptized and we are happy about that.
We had zone conference this week too. It was great and the meeting was very sprirtual and inspiring. my mission president is really cool and he loves all the missionaries and you can really feel his love. I like to spend time with him and his wife because thay are such great people!!! We werent able to work a whole lot after that meeting, but we were trying to work during the week. We are having difficulties finding people, but we are still trying to find. My companion finishes his mission this week so that is pretty crazy. His parents are coming to pìck him up and visit so it should be a good experience for him.
I am glad that you are all doing good there at home. I cannot believe that Chloe goes to school now, that seems crazy to me. I can only imagine how the house is now. Not a whole lot more happend this week. I love you all and my prayers are alway with you !!!! Kepp being examples for those around you!!! Love you all very much!!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson
Hans, how many missionaries are in your mission?