Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011

Hey Fmaily!!!!!
I am glad to hear that everybody is doing good there at home!! I am doing just fine here in tolosa. This week there wasnt much going on. I had to do exchanges with an elder that is from Brazil, so that was pretty cool as well. I had a good time and i got to try and learn a little bit of Portuguese while i was with him. He has 6 months in the mission so her is relativley  newer.
Otherthan that, we had a little fiest in the house of a member becasue it was my comps b-day on Monday. so that was fun and we had a good time. As for the work, we had a lieelt rougher week. We had set alot of appointments, but we had a hard time because the people either werent in their houses or they couldnt have the lessons. We need to find more people to teach because alot of our investigators arent progressing and we are coming to a stand still. But we will have to keep moving forward and never backward. I do think that i got the patient personality and endurance from both of you mom and dad becasue at times we walk and walk without any success, but there is always hope of finding somebody!
I thoug that i had a good experience in a bus. I saw a girl/ young lady and felt the impression to talk with her about the gospel. I went to talk to her on the bus and i gave her a pamphlet about the restoration. She seemed really interested in the message and i thought that she was going to be a baptismal candidate. I really had a strong impression to tlak to here about the gospel. Then we passed by  later on in the week and we taught her the restoration and that we invited her to be baptized. Sadly she didnt accept and we lost contact with her. Maybe it isnt her time... but i learned that we need to always listen to the Holy Ghost and our Father in Heaven will continue to guide us.
I love you all and i alwyas pray for you all!!!! You are always in my thoughts!! Be Safe and have a great week!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson