Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

Hello Family:

I am in a place called Berezetegui... you will have to ask erik how to say that. It is alot prettier than La Florida, My last area- If you want to look it up on google look up Quilmes. The work is steadily going. This comp is named Elder Calderon. He is from Chile and he is way different from my other comp. Very different. they are both hard working but the lives are very different.He is a convert and he is 25 years old. Hew wants me to ask nathan how good the bread is over there in Chile. What part did Nathan serve? It is interesting here, to see the changes in people and the dedication of each companionship and missionry. I also had an exchange with a missionary from my district in the MTC this week. that was very interesting because we both have the same experience and and i found myself talking alot and listening better because we are both yankees, thats what they call northamericans here. All of the members here are very loving and help us alot.

In the mission i have found that i need to always be ready to teach and always need to focus. at times it is hard because alot goes on here. We are working with 2 girls 10 and 11 years old and it is intereesting to see how much they know. Their parents are members but they are inactive and they dont think that they are ready to make such a greeat promise. they are from two different families, but they are cousins, so they recieve the lessons together. Other than that i have been getting to know the area and the poeple here. Nothing much more has gone on.

We did however have a zone service project in where we painted a school. So many things here have graffitti on them here. There is alot of disrespect going on here. so we got the opportunity to serve them. I was really happy for that. I love to do service projects!!!! A lady took a picture of me and another missionary thast i went on intercambios with. she said that we are going to be in the Liahona. I will try to send pictures next week i am sooo sorry for this. I didnt know that we were comiung the the cyber this early today. My comp doesnt plan very well so i hope that i can help him with that.

Thank you for all the prayers and for all that you all have done for me! I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!