Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

How is everybody doing? it was good to talk to all of you yesterday!!!! I am very thankful for that member that let me use her phone. I have seen all types of missionaries; including Nephi, Sam, Laman and Lemuel. It is hard to be Nephi but there are definetly blessings that come when you are a Nephi. Bro. Grant sounds very wise for his age. I dont know how he picked up i wouldnt change much on my mission, i thought that was pretty interesting. I think that everybody has alot to work on, and i follow the rules but i believe that i can improve alot. I hope that i am an example to others. But this reminds me of the talk that the Pres. gave today. it was on how we need to not be contentious and be loving. Those who reject the Gospel and dont like what we are doing are rejecting Christ the same. However, we need to be loving and try our hardest. What i wsa thinking about is if the poeple reject us and in the same rejecting Christ, then we need to be as Christlike as possible. We need to have faith in him and rely on the Spirit, first of all obtaining the spirit and then mantaining the Spirit. It was a very good talk i thought.

The transfer is interesting because i had to pack my bags and then go by bus and train to the mission home. We had a meeting where the Pres. Spoke as well as his wife and then the missionaries that are leaving bore their testimonies. Now we just got done eating at McDonalds and i am typing to you. I have to take the train to get to my area but i dont know much more than that. sorry:(

Well, my companion, Elder Calaron, is from Chile. Do you know where Leisha lived and where Nathan served by the way? He has been in this area for 6 months. He is a convert and the only one in his family. He has only gone 2 transfers without baptising therefore i need to put it in gear. There arent very many roads that are dirt like my other area and i hear it is safe. I am not there yet but i also hear that it is pretty too!!!! I think that this transfer will be very interesting. My comp seems very straight forward. He is a little harder to understand and talks a little faster than my other companion. He has 17 months in the mission and hopefully we will have several baptisms this transfer.

I will write more when more happens. The transfer is all that we have done today. I love you all and I hope that all is well at home. can you give me hans email??thank you!!! My prayers are with you all!!

Last week:
Last week we went on exchanges and i went with Elder Hurtado again. I have talked about him before. He is great. I went to his area and there we found 2 new investigators. That ws the highlight of my week except for the eventful day today. I saw my whole district from the MTC and they are all doing great!!! I am glad to see that they are doing good!!