Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010


That is interesting because alot of places are closed here because it is the bicentenial of Argentina today and tomorrow.
Where should i start... i will start with something funny. We were tracting this week and we come to a house. A lady calls from the window but tells us she is busy and doesnt have time right now. But there was a kid infront 11 years old. My comp asked "she is your daughter?" it was a boy!!! hahahahaha it was sooo funny i could help but laugh.. the boy said " i am not a girl i am a boy" but he appeared as a girl because he had really long hair and it with kinda curled!!! haahahaha sooo funny!!

Another funny story is that we contacted another young man 18 years old. he had a mole on his face and my come tells him that he had a mosquito on his face!! hahahha it was dark and my comp cant see very well. hahaha it was funny and once again i had a good laugh, inside this time, the other time i couldnt help but laugh out loud.

It rained really hard yesterday and last night. The rain here is Crazy!!! i cant believe it. it is like the big storms we get back home, but here there are even bigger storms!!! it is crazy.

All is welll here. we are working hard but we can defintely improve. We had our last zone conference with Pres. Asay. I will tell you what, when he talked to us, you could defintely tell that he was called by a prophet of God and that he had a divine calling. He is sooo powerful and amazing. He was set apart by Pres. Faust. He was called to 3 different positions before he was finally called as Mission Pres. of B.A. sur. I am kinda sad that i dont gte a longer time to get to know him. but hopefully the new pres will be just as awesome!!!! i know he will!!!

He answered questions that we had and overall it was a great meeting. He taught us that we need to baptise and that we need to find more people. On the way back to Berazategui we met a lady that was interested and actually tapped my comps shoulder. it is awesome how the Lord works. Later we found potentially 3 new investigators.

Algo diferente aca es que mundial va a comenzar el principio de Junio. La gente aca encatan fútbol. es loco. si quieres, puedes verlo. Creo que España va a ganar. Es lo mejor equipo en el Mundo. Una cosa que me gusta comer, es miel con canela encima de pan!!! Que rica, para mi por lo menos!!! está muy rica.

Wow, puedo soñar del templo. Mi papá me dijo que Pres. Taylor había dicho que el tamplo más lindo en Rocky Mountains se va a constuir en Gila Valley. No puedo esperar ver eso. Que perfecto!!! que es asombroso que miraste la dedicación!! Estoy celo hahahaha. Los templos son perfectos. Los extraño muchismo!!!! Son las casas del Señor, no hay un otro lugar más espiritual o especial. Nos vamos al templo pronto. Hace calor no? Hoy y ayer han estado perfecto pero lluvió much ayer. No pudimos salir de una casa de un miembro porque la lluvia era tan fuerte.
But it is interesting here. It is hard going from going to the temple once a week to a place that is complety lost. but that is the reason why i am here. haha I hope that everybody is doing well there!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!

hope you enjoyed this letter... tell me if i can improve!!!!

Elder Shane LArsON :)=