Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010


Last week i went to Capital to fill out some papers in order to stey here. Capital is pretty and i wish i could have taken pictures but my camera died and the plugs here are different so i cant charge my battery until i get a plug. We worked really hard last we and we found some new investigators to teach. We wont have any baptisms this week in Berazategui... which is sad but we are building up definetely. Hopefully next transfer!!!

There is a member in the ward that has epilipsy. We went over to his house and read scriptures because he is a ward missionary. He had an attack and it scared me pretty bad. Right before the attack he went into a trans and started to laugh really weird and it was crazy, like he was possessed or something, but he is not, then he started shaking and fell to the ground. it was really strange. it was very interesting. It had rained last week for a whole day and it is hard doing the work in the rain becuase everybody is home, but nobody wants to let us in...

Todat we went to a place called La Plata. We went to a museum!!! it was really awesome but still i couldnt take pictures because my camera is still dead:( I will have one of the other elders send you some. there was everything in the museum. old pottery, fossils, Dinosaur skeletons, and taxedermy!!! I loved it. La plata is really pretty too. the most pretty place that i have seen... i think i like it better than the part of the capital that i visited...

Anyway, all is well here!!! I have had asado for the first real time saturday!!!!! a ton of meat a member made for us. Then Sunday we had another fine meat at a members house. Then Monday i had a pork roll at a members house. I think i am gaining wait.... at least losing muscle for sure. I have started working out in the mornings with some simple excersices... hahaha

I love you alll!!!!!!!!1 Be Safe!!!!!!!!!! you are in my prayers always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. Mundial starts soon!!!! FIFA!!!!!! maybe erik will watch it, we arent allowed to participate... i think Espana is going to win but we will see!!!!!!!!i am sorry for the pics... i will try to send them!! LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!