Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 14, 2010


All is well here. It s interesting. Every store has a tv and everybody watches fútbol all the time. It is quiet funny hahah. But the work is going good!! It is the last week of transfers!! Time is flying!!!! I cannot believe it!!! I am about to start my 6th month in 13 days... crazy!!

Well about the work. We have a baptism scheduled this week. the mans name is Daniel. He has a problem with alcohol but if he doesnt drink this week he will be baptized on Saturday. He also has a few health problems.. he has an artificial vein and gets transfusions like 3 times a week, i dont know what happend very well but it is interesting. His mom really wants him to come closer to God and Christ through us even though she is not of our faith. he is also 33 years old. but all is good!!! he will be baptized and confirmed a member or the ture church of Christ!!!

Another awesome story is that there was colombian man that came to church sunday. He has such a strong testimony of Christ and he was testifying of Christ in chruch, though he isnt even a member. He was reciting scriptures and all. I dont know real well if we went to our church in Colombia or not, i think a few times but i am not sure. The crazy thing is, He told us that he loves the way the church is organized and that it is much clearer than any other. He said he wanted to be baptized saturday!!! I met him for the first time sunday and he already wants to be baptized!!!!!!! IT IS AWESOME!!! he even said that he wanted to reach like E' calderon and I!! I felt sooo good sunday!!!! it was awesome. I hope thiings go well with him. He may need to get divorced before his baptism because i dont know his relationships now but he is seperated and his wife live in colombia... we will see!!!

Thank you for the letter family!!!!!!!1 I hope all is well, i love you all, you are in my prayers... BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

eLDER Shane Larson