Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

Hey Family!!!

I am doing well !! It is getting cold here and the humidity doesnt help at all. But, other than that all is well!! I cannot complain about anything else. I am still in Berazategui with Elder Calderon. We are going to stay another transfer and then we will see what happens the 1 of august at the next transfer. My President will be leaving to his house July 1 and the new president will be coming. It is sad to see him go but he has been here for 3 year already and his mission is up. It is sad to see him go. I really loved him and his wife.

Other than that all is well. We had a baptism on saturday. the man we baptized was named Daniel Vazquez. It was awesome and quiet amazing the change that he went through in his life in shuch a short amount of time. He was baptized 2 weeks after we started teaching him. I was blessed to be the one to confirm him in the church and after that i was also blessed to give a talk in Sacrament. therefore i had my first baptism and talk this past sunday!!! hahaha I confirmed Daniel a member in the Church sunday!!! It was alittle scary and it was a little nerve racking but i did it with the help of the spirit and all was well. Then after that i had to give a talk in sacrament... my first one!!! that was also nerve racking and on top of that, my comp was suppose to give one to but at last minute they changed it and it was a sister and I. My comp gave me his sheet of paper with 3 scriptures and that was it so that i could give his talk and my talk: on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. I was very unprepared but once again the spirit helped me and i wasnt even nervous when i got up to speak. The spirit calmed my nerves soo much it was really pretty crazy. I probably sounded like a little primary kid with basic teaching and spanish but i felt pertty good after it. hahah

I will start my 6th month on the mission in 6 days and i cant hardly belive that it is soo crazy!!! We are still working hard down here and there is nothing to worry about.
Tell dad i say HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I love you all and i hope all of you are doing well!!!!
You are in my prayers!!! LOVE YOU

Elder Shane Larson