Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hey Family!!!
I am doing well!!! I dont know what to write anymore... :( I cant think of anything good to write about. We have a baptism coming up this next week on Saturday.It is a man named Wilson from Colombia. He is really strong in the Gospel and he has a great love in Christ. I think that i will confirm him a member in the church and my comp. will baptize him.

Other than that, our numbers havent been looking too good. With the Fifa going on it has been hard to work. Nobody wants to open there doors or listen to us when there is a game going on. It rained also on sunday and it is starting to get cold. Thw wind is stiff and very cold and the humitity kills. The cold just goes through your clothes. It is very different from the weather in Arizona, that is for sure. I am glad to here that everybody is doing good!!!! I cant tell you all how glad i am that you are all doing good!! I cant believe that Erik is going to move out!! I have always lived with erik ther in the house except for when he was on his mission... crazy. sounds like he is super happy and he should be!! How Awesome!!!! Sounds like you are all having fun with the kids and having craft days and what not from grandmas letters. I would like pic of the kids!!! They are all big now, no?I have gotten all the letters.

McKell, Thank you for the cds too!!!! I bought a raddio becaue we dont have one in the pension and i have been listening to them!!! They are great!! I am glad you enjoyed the pics!!! they arent very many and i have more but it is really hard to send them with the time that we have. Can you believe that Spain won... i cant believe it. my week has been going good. Our week hasnt been too good with our numbers and it is hard to work with the Fifa because no one wants to listen to us, only the game.Other than that everything is all good!!!

Yeah it is weird that poeple think that i am from germany, but there are alot of germans here. it is weird. last monday, we went to the zoo, and there were several groups of germans... i thought that was pretty interesting. I usually tell them that i am from Arizona. if they dont know where that is i say the US. sometimes i say the US, nobody has problems with the US here so that is really good!!! They call me a yankee, but there accent makes it sound like shankee with a medio j on the sh. it is funny...

An eagle project at the zoo sounds awesome!! at time i miss the young mens activities and the lessons that we have there in the Awh 1. It is different in a ward like Berazategui. There arent very many youth and there is about 40 people that come regularly every sunday. I have been reading the scriptures alot and i love every moment of it!!! I try to read them as much as possible!!! I cant remember who it was, i think it was John Taylor, maybe Boyd K. Packer... i will look it up, but they said that learn how to behave better faster than learning about behavior from any other book. I have a testimony that the Priesthood is from God and that we need to remain worthy of it, and reaading the scriptures really makes one focus in what is most important and what needs to be done!!

I love you all!!! I hope that alll is well!!! My prayers are with you and i pray for everybody!!

con amor
Elder Larson

Hey Elder Hans!!!
I hoep that things are going well with you!!! I can just feel how you are feeling now!! With you genius friend that will be baptized!!1 you must bwe ecstatic!!! Kepp up the good work!!!

Love you brother!!!!