Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010

Hello Family:
Hello Family:
All is well here. Sorry that i am writing today but we went to the zoo in the capital so that is way i am writing today... The zoo was fun... i like doing things like that. The north part of Buenos Aires is pretty and doesnt look anything like it does here in Berazategui. it is going good here thought. Argentina lost and about everybody in the streets was looking sad and almost about everybody asked my comp and i if we are from Germany. A bunch of drunkards were yelling at us from the other side of the street about us being from Germany and us winning... oh well i guess- Germany annhilated Argentina.

The people here are funny... They were soo focused on the game that it seemed nothing mattered except for the game. Life completely stopped during the game (or at least almost completly stopped). We had our planning session during the game but we finished early and my comp had to change some pants that he had bought. We left and it was nothing, a ghost town here. Except in the center of Berazategui everybody was gathered in places where there was a tv. It was crazy! People were in there shops watching the game and so were the costumers. hahaha it was funny. I was laughing because they are prideful and make a big deal about it, but they got wailed on. lots of people ask if we are from Germany because we are white. This group of drunk people were yelling at us after the game "Germans you won today! hey are you german?!" stupid stuff at us. i thought it was funny but i cant do anything abou thte drunk poeple here in argentina.

Other than that things are going good here with the work and what not. We have another baptism here in a week from saturday. Time is going by really fast i cant hardly believe it. I am really learning alot. I dont know about my spanish but this is really an amazing learning experience. I am doin well!!

I would like to add a comment to Hans portion about the faith. I like where it says in Ether that through the faith we can see miracles, much like hans had already explained. Another intersting point i like in this same section is that we need to have faith, however we always have problems in our life and since we are natural, we lose faith. This is the point the Ether makes. That through the faith of the prophets faith, they have seen miracles. We too can see miracles in our lives. In Ether, we will see the miracles only have the trials pass.
The miracles come only have your faith has been tried.

The investigators are doing well. Our new president cant get here until Thursday because he had trouble with his visa. But i look forward to meeting him!! I have heard some interesting stories about him and the Pres. is the father of the mission. it was sad seeing Pres. Asay leave but it will be a blesing meeting a new pres.

Thats exciting to hear about Erik and the Wedding and everything is going good!! that super exciting!!! am i going to get an invitation?? I hope that everybody is doing well today!!!! I love you all!! Continue being the great example that you are!!! Love you all !!!!!!!!!!!

With love from Argentina!!
Elder Larson