Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 19, 2010

Elder Shane Larson, Wilson, and Elder Calderón
Shane in his pension

Elder Calderón's birthday cake

Hey Family!!!
Tell Britta I say Congratulations on her baptism!!! That is awesome!!!

We had a baptism this last week. It was Wilson form Colombia!!! The Baptism went really well. the man is very excited and really wants to recieve the priesthood and all. He always tells us that he wants to preach the gospel and stuff like that... i think it is funny but very very good!!

I think they call me a shankee because i am from the US. i dont know how but it seems like everybody can tell, i hope it isnt because i have a bad accent :(

I am glad to hear that everybody is doing well!!! I am glad to hear that Erik is having fun with his novia and that they are doing a little bit of traveling!! That sounds really exciting!!!! Havasupai again- wow dad thats awesome!!! I would like to see how havasupai looks now!!! That sounds like a lot of fun!!!

I hope that all is well there at home!!! As well as hans, i am also learning alot. I think i can do a better job of learning but i feel like, at least in the scriptural area, i am learning a whole lot!!!! I am not sure what else to talk about...we have to more weeks until we are going to have transfers... oh!! i got to meet the new preisdent!! He is really nice, a little older than i thought he was going to be, but there are big changes in the mission!!! We dont have interviews but only 1 every 3 months as well as zone conferences. It is really crazy but i am looking forward to the changes. It is cold here and rainy. It was announced that it was suppose to snow but it just rained. The wind is super hard too that the umbrella doest work to well. it either gets flipped inside out or the rain come in horizantally. It is really funny when we are walking and there is no way to keep dry... all i could do is laugh. On top of that, the pension is leaking everywhere and we have a little pond in the kitchen.

That is all this week!!! I love you all and you are all in my prayers!!!

Elder Larson

ps. gabe is doing really good!!!