Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

Hey Family!!!! It sounds like everybody had a good time there in Idaho!!! I cant believe that Erik is already married now!! Icannot believe it!! That is sooo awesome and it sounds like sooo much fun up there. It is funny because all the sisters in the ward all tell me that he should have waited until i came home but it is better that he didnt!! I am soo happy for him and i hope that erik and Alesha are doing great!!!I am glad that everybody enjoyed there vacation and i am happy to hear that you were all able to visit with McKell´s family!! hahaha que chistosos!! Everything is going good here!!!! Nothing really new. We are working really hard. and it is really fun getting to know everybody better. I think that my spanish is finally coming along. Therefore i am content with that!!

There people here are pretty nice. there are some that live it big houses and some that live in little shacks, but generally the people are pretty friendly. I havent been in any dangerous situations or anything so everything here is very nice and whant we say traniquilo. It is interesting how the Lord works with us as missionaries. also how the Lord molds missionaries into who they will be in the future. I have noticed that you can really learn how to work things out in life. That things are necessary and what every we do we can help it became better!

I am not sure what else to write. We had a very good week this week. and we had done alot of things this week as well. We had met new people and have recieved references, i even think that we will get another baptismal date here soon. Yesterday, i was fortunate to teach the primary about Jesus having power over the death. I look back on it now and it was a privledge to share a few stories in the bible and talk about Christ being resurrected. I know that Christ has power over death. that we can live with our families once because our Savior had completed the atonement and has resurrected. What great hope thatwe have!! What great knowledge we have as latter day saints!! I am very happy for the good examples that you have given me mom and dad!!! and I am happy to be able to have experiences liek this in Argentina now.

con amor