Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 23, 2010

Hi Family!!!!!!
I am doing good. It is starting to get hot here. The winter did not last long like it did last year from what i heard. Yesterday we had a stake conference with a 70. Elder Etchegaray. He talked about how we need to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. That we are here and we are not perfect but Christ is perfeect. That Christ invites all those that arent perfect to come unto him and that we need ot have the faith in him that we can be healed of any infirmity- spiritual or physical- through Christ. That sometimes we need to make changes in our lifes. This shows the faith and if we are willing to show him that we want to change, he will help us change. It was a very very good talk. I really enjoyd it. He is a good speaker. Other than that it is starting to get hot here and i am walking around here in a short sleeve shirt. But i am used to the heat from AZ. hahaha My comp and i are working hard together and we have a couple of planned baptisms here in the next couple weeks. A funny story that happened is that we bought pizza the other day and my comp wanted pineapple and ham. so we ordered pineapple and ham and i ordered one with tomatoes and oregano and ham. the funny thing was there is a sauce here called salsa golf which is ketchup and mayonase and they put that on top of the pineapples... hahaha he hates ketchup!! it was really funny or at least i thought it was hahaha

So i am reading hans´s letters... i thought that he was grown up before the mission and then i read his letters and he sounds more grown up. Then i think about my letter and i am writing funny stories that dont have meanings and think that i still have some growning up to do... hahahaha Right now i am in the plata. the capital of the provincia of Buenos Aires. I am having a good time and I want you all to know that i love you all. I want to thinak you all for the examples that you have given me. Be safe to all and i hoppe that everybody is doing well!!!! My prayers are with you!!!!!!

Con amor

Elder Larson