Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 9, 2010

Elder Baggaley and Elder Shane Larson


Hey Family!!!

That is sooo crazy that erik is going to get married this week!!! way crazy!!!! oh man!!!!! I am super super excited for him!!! I am sorry to hear about Hans´ investigator. He will be baptized and I know tht Hans has the faith to beileive that he will.

It is weird having a comp from the US, we speak english wayy tooo often in the pension... but oh well... my castellano better not start to suck it up... We are in the same pension and we had to clean today... argh 4 horas o algo así. no me gustaba tanto, pero is limpio en la pension ahora!

I told my parents this story about how we were finding people this week. It was weird,i was pretty much guided there. and after 8 rejections we found this lady. "This week went really good down here. i am here with Elder Baggaley and we are working hard. He is a hard worker and we have good goals going on. We found a few new investigators this week and i belive that i was guided to there houses. I felt that it was inportant to stop by a house and i heard a little girl yelling in the backyard... a good sign that we should talk this person, because ther is a family. I clapped and this lady opened the door, saying that she hasnt come in contact w/ the missionaries for 3 years. She is from bolivia and her unlce is a member. He had taught her and she realizes the purpose of the church. I think that she will be baptized her in a little while, and all thanks to the guidance from the Lord!!" I was on intercambios when we found her but it was awesome... I was sooo happy!!! I love experiences like this- so especial!!!
We are working really hard and are always busy. I like it like this though. Time is flying by and i cant belive Michael and Forrrest are coming home soon. This is crazy.

I love you all and you are all in my prayers!!! Enjoy the wedding!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! my prayers are with you all!!!!!!

Con Amor!
Elder Larson