Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11. 2010

Hola Familia!!

This week was interesting. General Conference was going really well and i loved it of course. Like Hans ans Gabe said, it flew by this year. I didnt get it see all of it, but the parts that i did see went by super fast. I watched mostly in spanish but i like watching it in english becuase i can take better notes.

So this last Saturday my comp got a call from the president. We were going to have another emergency transfer. My comp moved from Mayol, where i am at right now, to a plac called El Carmen. I recieved Elder Boyer from Utah, Pleasant Grove. He is the oldest of 5, and had just come from the offices. It has been interesting working this week. We wanted to find more people in the area and we eventually did. Also, something really cool that happened this week is that this young lady that we are teaching recieved a testimony and she will probable be baptized this month. I am being really blessed right now in Mayol. We are working hard and the Lord is really blessing us.

I cannot believe that all that has happened. That Hall kid is playing for the Cards now and Marcus Wheaton is starting for Oregon... that is nuts. I am not sure what else there is to write... I am a little boring. The mission work is progressing alot here in Mayol and i am staying safe. i am really learning how to enjoy meeting people and talking to them. I hope that everybody is doing well there. Also that everything goes well with Mom and her MRI and what not.

I was reading Hans´ letter and he said that he was sorry for being a hassle in the house... Let me tell you what. Hans wasnt half as a hassle as i was and i would like to day that i am sorry. I am learning alot here on the mission and i hope that you all are learning alot at home. I cannot belive that erik is going to move to Utah. in the valley right? To tell you the truth, i will have a lot of friends living next to Hans and Erik after the mission because all the missionaries are from Utah... It is really interesting.

I hope that everything is going well and that everybody is healthy!! How are the grandparents doing?? The brotheres and sisters? I love you all!!! My prayers are always with you!!! Hopefully I will ahve some fun stories to tell this next week!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Elder Larson

Con Amor