Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010

Hey Family!!!
Wow, quite the letters this week. To answer some of your questions dad: the kids can go and get free college. I am not sure what the trend is, if they like going to school or what. I do know that alot of them drop out and then it is hard for them to get a job, so there are alot of people that are taking high school classes that are older. It is interesting. I am not sure what my favorite food is... i like the ice cream here, itis really good. The empanadas are really good and also the pizza. You can find a walmart here and there are american foods, but these foods are really expensive! I am not sure if i can speak fluid... i really hope i can! that is for sure!!! I can speak to anybody about many things and i can understand alot of stuff. I think that i can do better on my spanish, or at least my vocab. I think that is the downfall that i have is that i need to learn more vocab. I have a study session in spanish, but i dont study in spanish. I will read in spanish to help me on the pronunciation and stuff during my spanish study, but during the personal study I read in english to use it effectively and understand everything that i read the first time.

This week went pretty good. I think that this next transfer will go good!! My comp and i are together another transfer. He is from Utah, a place called Pleasant Grove. He comes from a family of 7- him, his parents and 4 brothers that are all younger. He has only 9 months left on the mission.

We went and did service in the Bishop´s warehouse because the warehouse is in our area. It was fun and we did alot of good work. at the end, i weighed myself... uh oh... let see i think i gained a little weight. I dont know though becuase i dont look that much bigger if i look bigger at all. I weigh a good old 89 kilos now. If any of you are daring you can convert that into pounds and see how much i really weigh. hahah

We will have abaptism coming up here the next week and hopefully we will have serveral this month. I dont know, but the Lord has really blessed us this last week that is for sure. We are pretty excited!! it seems to me that the Lord lets us go through trials so that we can put more faith in him and then He blesses us when we show him that we are willing to move forward in the work. we have definitly seen some of the blesses here in Mayol!

I am super happy to have heard from Kirsten! That is awesome that she is doing good!!! I have alot of missionary friends that are from St. George. so that is very cool. It sounds like the place is nice and that she has a good idea of where she wants to go and do. I also sounds like she is being the best example for those areound her, just like i have always imagined she has been!!

Tell Erik I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is cool... another year older and wiser too. hahah that is pretty cool though the big 23.. soon and Hans and I will be turning 20. I cannot believe that time is going by sooo fast. This sounds crazy but in 2 more months i will be talking to you all. it is quite nuts.

To let mom know... i wasnt so much fustrated but i learned a very valuable lesson. Especially because we are here on earth to be happy. it is funny, but very simple... Do what you are supposed to, be happy. thats about all...hahaha

Bueno, that is all for this week!! I hope that everybody is  doing good and that everybody is safe!! I pray fro you all always!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!

elder Larson