Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20, 2010

Hey Family!!
 This last week was a pretty hard week. You all know that i have my new companion and he is really cool. The first week we worked reaññy hard and we saw the fruits of our labors. This last week was way hard. They changed a few things in the misison and our it seemed soo hard last week to do the work. I dont know, but hardly anybody would listen to us and we werent teaching a whole lot. It was horrible. My comp got really sad because he thought that it was because he wasn´t a good enough missionary- but i know that this is not true!!! He is  a good missionary. It is interesting though how the work works. I think that we just need to be of good cheer and tryinbg our hardest. I am not completely sure, but i have gained a stronger testimony of having hope. Well, I hope that we do better things this week ;P. Actually, i figured, it doesnt help anything if you arent happy. If you are not happy, then change, or change the situation so that you can be happier. I like to relate hope to being happy. For example, This last week was hard, especially for my comp. He wasnt very happy for a while because he thought he was the problem. It wasnt him though, but he didnt realize that. He was sad, but if we are sad and depressed about something, we arent looking for what could happen in a situation. We are just focused in the bad. at times the adversary wants us to be focused in the bad of things so that we cant reach our full potential or so that we are soo focused and worried about the bad we dont allow ourselves to overcome the weakness. I will tell you one thing though, if we are happy, and we all know that happiness comes from  living obidient lives, then the things that we want will happen. WHen my comp got out of his sad mood ws a little happier we started top see a little more success. It is very interesting. We are kinda telling our Father in Heaven that we are going through tough times, but we still believe that he is there and we have the hope that He will make things better as long as we endure. A good lesson learned.
Other than that, i made a bus stop because i got coins stuck in the machine in the front. It was really funny and an older lady behind me said that i was learning.. hahaha
Another weird thing that happened is that the other elders found a parrot in the back yard. so we kept it for a while until we asked the lady behind us and it was hers. I think i almost fell in the bus and this last sunday we got to stand up and sing with the primary!! My comp pulled a prank on me and put shaving cream on my face when i was sleeping... that was pretty funny... i think that is about it for the funnies.
Another really cool thing that happened this week is that we have an investigator that recieved a very strong testimony. She was able to kneel down and say a pray by herself. when she said this pray, in the way God wants us to say prayers instead of her own way, she said she finished and asked sincerly if the book of Mormon is of God and she told uis that she believes that the book is true and what we teach is true. That the church we represent is from God. It was soo awesome to hear this!!! It is very interesting too, because her mother want to make her own church and her dad thinks he is a prophet.,, But she will be baptized the 30!!
Other than that... i think that Elder Godoy is from where i am at now or where i was at... it is interesting but i think that he is from my mission. Hans sounds good and soo does the fam. That makeas me happy. Dont worry about your emails, they are all good dad. I will send pics next week!!! I hope that everything is going good with everybody!! I love you all!!!!!!!!! Be safe!!! I pray for all of you!!!!!
Elder Larson!!!!
Thanks for the letters mom and grandma and dad!!!