Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hEY fAMILY!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Matt!!! I hope that you had a good birthday!!!
I cannot believe how big Chloe is... that is really crazy!!!!! And grandma looks like she is in good health too!! I can tel that Buffy is looking older and that you mom are looking good too!!! That little baby ashton is a cute little guy with big round cheeks!!! haahaa Qué bonito!!!
I cannot belive that tere are gophers at the house.... that is really weird, especially because they dont care for humans... very interesting... but they are cool little guy too, just not friends of the garden. I am glad to hear that everybody is do good ther ein the house and that everything is going well. Not a whole lot happened here this week....
To tell you the truth mom, i am not going to be leaving Las Flores until the 4th of July. I know that i will be leaving during that time, because that is when the transfers are.
I have been thinking alot this week with the area and how we are progressing and what we are doing. I have ben thinking that the Gospel is perfect and that the mission is really preparing me for realy life. I always think that this is a huge blessing and that i am learning alot  so i can confront challenges further along in my life. I am very thankful for this opportunity and i am very thankful for the examples that you have all giving me since the beginning!!! I love you all!! Keep up the good work and the Lord will bless you!!!
Keep working hard Hans!! I know that the Lord is happy with you!!!
I love you all!!!!!! My prayers are with you all!!!!!!!!1
Elder SHANE larson!! :) :)