Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 27, 2011

 sewing session and lesson with a family with members... members on the right, investigators on the left

tHIS IS A BEAUITIFUL flower that i have found in several places here in LAS FLORES.... MAYBE THAT IS WAY THIS PLACe is calle dlas florews because in summer there is alot of flowers.

Hey Family!!!
How is everybody doing there at home?? i Hope that everybody is doing well there!!! How are the kids and... i didnt hear from dad this week so how is he?? And mom, i live on the street Las Heras, between San Martin and Carmen. But it appears to be my last weeek in Las Flores, except if my companion gets his visa this week. Then i would be staying here, but that is very  unlikely. It is kinda funny because right now in this internet cafe i am listening to all the music that you like mom and dad. I little bit of sting, micheal jackson, i think cool in the gang or some other disco was playing too... it is pretty funny. i am enjoying my time in Las FLores and an realizing the great friendships that i have made here with all the members and the investigators. It has been a great experience. My companion and i are finding more people and teaching alot. it is great!! I love teaching and i love helping the people come closer to Christ because they recieve blessings in their life and they know that the message is true, not becasue we tell them or because it is logicall, even though it is the most logically gospel in the world, but they know that it is trues becasue they can feel the Spirit. That is one of the things that i have learned to love while here on the mission, is the greatness of the companionship of the Holy Ghost. I love it...it is soo great!! I have also realized that the Spirit is fragile and that we need to always, constantly be striving to have the spirit in our life. But the basics are for inviting the Spirit in our lives is reading the Book of Mormon and other scriptures and praying, going to church and keeping the commandments. I know that this chruch is true!!!
I hope that you all are safe and can have the wonderful guidance of the Holy Ghost in you lives. I love you all and i hope that you are all safe and well!!! My prayers and thoughts are with you!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson
ps...that was a funny joke hans