Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 28, 2011

Hey Family!!!!
First of all, my companion says Hi, and that he is excited to meet all of you. He says that he will try to visit the 2nd or the 3rd.

Well, this week has gone well. We have been teaching some kids that have a baptismal date now and we are hoping that they will get baptized the 24 of Sep. They are really cool, but there living conditions arent the best, so i really hope that they can have the blessings from the Gospel in their lives. The family seems like it is struggling economically, so i hope that they can have the blessings of the gospel in their lives because i know that it would help them alot!  We continue to work here in Tolosa and we are walking quite a bit as well, but all is well. We are trying to find people to baptize and trying to help people find the truth so all is well.
We have had some funny experiences as well in my time here.My comp and i are always laughing and haveing a good time, and yesterday was a really funny day. we were in sacrament and they asked a new convert to give the last prayer. She is an older lady and she got a little confused becasue when she got up there she started to talk as if she was bearing her testimony. There was still many people in the reverent praying position, but she kept talking and talking, mainly about how she loed the misisonaries that had come before. Then she gave pretty much a shout out to my companion because his brithday is today. It was a good laugh that we had and today we have an appointment with that lady to celebrate my comps birthday.
Another good story is that we were in the bus and i had a feeling to talk to a lady. She looked at us as if she wanted to talk to us and so i went and talked to here and she is studying theology and philosofy. We set up another day to go talk to her about the gosple, but i felt really good afterward and i could feel the spirit. it was way cool!!!
Other than that i am doing good here. there isnt that much news because the days go by really fast and we are doing pretty much the same things everyday. We havent had much service projects or anything so we just kep walking and talking with the people. I am thankful for all that you all do for me and for the prayers and for the letters. Time is really flying!! Keep up the good work at home and i love you all very much!!! Be saafe!!! My prayers are with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Shane Larson