Monday, April 5, 2010

The 1st Email From Another Continent!!!! Elder Larson is in Argentina!!!! April 5, 2010

Hola familia!!!!!

I am in Argentina now. I dont have much time to write so it will be bad at spelling and stuff. i am running out of time because p day is already over and i am not suppose to be wirting right now but my companion and i were late from gettting from the other aside of town. it is strange here. Nothing like the pictures were i live. But i do love it. i live in a small pension that is visited by roaches every night. it is funny to hear my companion talk about them. he hates them!!! but i seee why. He is from Nicuragua. He doesnt know any english. in fact all those in my zone dont know any english but 2,and only one knows a little buit. the other is from the US. I havent got robbed yet, thankfully. It is hard to hear the people hear because those who speak spanish sound very different than those who speak castillano even though there is no difference than in a couple words.

Conference was geat though last week and we did get 5 investigators to come to the chapel and watch Gen. Con. The food here is really good. I have had pizza and i have also had soup stufff from members. reeally good. they have these little cookie things called alfojores. they are little cookies that have dulce de leche between them and like powdered sugar on the outsiude.

I will write alot next weeek!!!! I really have to go right now because we have appointments. I am soo sorry it is sooo short. I want everybody to know that i love you and i hope that you are safe. I pray for you everyday!!!!Thank you for writing11!!!!!!!

McKell- I love you!!!, thank you for all emails. I will write more next week because i have no more time. the hardest thing about spanish here is the castillano and the use sh for y and for ll. they also dont say s sometimes in words. I love you!!!! you are in my prayers!!!!!