Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

Hello Family!!!!!

I am not sure where to start writing. Last Monday we went and played futbol with the zone. That was fun, but i need alot of practice. Hahaha I am one of 3 in the district that could speak english fluently. so, in the zone it is hard to play right now because it is hard to tell others what i want to say.

Anyways, alot of the time here people will talk to us initially but not want more to do with us after that. Nothing giant happened this week... However we have set a baptismal date for a couple and their daughter to be baptized. Also, there is a recent convert that we visit. Her name is Carmen and is super funny!!!! I cant hardly understand half the stuff she says because of her accent- castellano. But a crazy number happened last week. We were passing by her house and she gladly welcomed us in. With a smile on her face she told us that "we are called of God" i didnt think to much of it. She then went on to say that she has a cousin or a friend of a cousin, im not sure which one but she lives close. She called her up, she came over this is her story for us.

"I went to the hospital because i had a really bad bloody nose. It ran for 2 (i think) hours and it was horrible. At the end of the whole ordeal the doctor told me that God kept me alive for a reason. then i felt teerrible like i would go to hell if i were to die." I think that was her story...

Anyway, Carmen told her she had to meet us. We met her and had the 1 lesson last week. We set a baptismal date for her for the 22 of may.

Not much else happened like that though throughout the week. It rained for 3 days and almost 2 nights. it was really muddy and the roades are not good here so many of them are dug out because of trucks driving through them. - a funny story. we were visiting a member family lastnight and it started to rain. It was dark too, about 7:30... s gueess what i did. I stepped in the mud, slipped and landed in the mud on my knees... HAHAHAH it was really funny!!!!! i laughed so hard, then we had to hurry home because my laundry was hanging outside to dry. We made it just in time to save my laundry. hahaha

Another funny story this week is i ate my first Guava. A member has a guava tree infront of her house and my companion askeed for some. we took one each and he started to eat it. so i started to eat it, however i didnt wash it, and though i didnt eat the skin, the skin went in my mouth. it tasted kinda like pumpkin smells and was pretty mild. the seeds are really hard ut i continued to eat. I think that caused some problems because last night was kinda harsh as well as this morning hahahahaha. I got my haircut for the first time in Argentina. It loooks buzzed but it isnt too bad. Other than that, the food here is good. I am not sure what alfajores i have ate, but i am currently trying all the taffy candies... sooo good.

To answer your questions McKell, Church is really fun. I like going to church. Sunday we wake up and get reeady and leave for church around 8:40. I usually try to study a little something before then. 1st is priesthood or relief society. there is about 7-10 brethren in the elders quorom that come. that is the average attendence. then it is sunday school. the missionaries teach the gosple principle classes. I havent taught one yet and i dont talk much a churrch so everyboody thinks i cant or that i dont understand. it is kinda funny, but i have a native speaker so i can bastante. hahaha anyways, last is sacrament. I introduced myself and bore my testimony. then my comp gave a 30 min talk!! he is a very good speaker!!!! He is the same one, in 2 weeks we might get transferred, i dont know yet. P-day, we ave alot of free time. we played futbol last week and the weeek before that we went bowling. this week we got haircuts and ordered empanadas. we can write emails and take a nap if we need to, do laundry and shop. By the way, the fruit here is good, like the stated, but it is really cheap. Ilove it. for 4 bananas 3 apples 4 plums 1 kilo of potatoes and 4 manadarinas is about 4 us dollars. manadarinas are fat orange things that are a little less mild than an orange.

I LOVE you family SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Be Safe and i hope you are all doing well!!!!! My prayers are with you!!!! Thank you for the letters and your support!!!!!