Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

Dear My Family!!!! I want to first start of by explaining here a little bit. I live in a little pension. It has 3 rooms and a bathroom. one room is the living room and the kitchen combined, the next is the closet room, which is the size of our bedroom. it contains two open closet things for our clothes and our siutcases are in there. The next room is our bedroom. 2 beds with sleeping bags on them and that is it. hahahaa the bathroom has a toilet and one of those things that you can wash your bum on. the sink is pretty nast as well and the shower is really old, but we have a heating tank so that is good.

I live in a part of town that is not too bad, but i have not seen anything like this in the US except on the reservation. With all means of respect to the natives. I love it though. the people are usually humble and willing to talk. The weirdest things about the neighborhoods here are that they dont really have streets. they are half dirt half concrete. some people have horses in the front and others have cars. Almost every house here is unfinished in one way or another, or they want to add onto their house that they have already and the second floor is only half done. There are dogs on every street. lots of them too. all different kinds and all different sizes. I guess robery is common, which is really sad, becasue everybody has these hughs gates with sharp points in front of there house. so, instead of knocking, we clap. Also, i dont know if you remember, dad, but bro. brice from 2nd ward, talked about the sewer in the street. it is true. it is very sad because you would see dogs and cats and horses (i havent seen cats do this yet) drinking this water that comes from the housees. i am not sure the toilet water goes in there but for sure from the sinks and from the showers and stuff. It doesnt smell good at times but oh well.. its not that bad. there is grafffiti on almost every wall and smoking is allowed everywhere here. it is strange. the last thing that i think is strange is there is almost no traffic laws. or nobody obeys the traffic laws except for stop on red and at times they dont follow that one.But dont get me wrong, I love it here, it is really something else. and the roaches, i think they made a home and 2 best friends! hahahaha we kill like 50 a day, very small little guys though.hahahaha

The food here is good. I like to eat the fruit and whatever the members make is always good. this week we had Malanesa twice. that is thinkly sliced meat, we have chicken and beef, then it is breaded and fried. it is really good. Also, i am relatively big to many people here, or at least they think that i am, so they give me alot to eat. the bread here is really good and they have empanadas- so good!!!! i love the carne!!! they also have these pastries called facturas that are soo delicios!!! they are a pastry with either dulce de leche or sugar and cinnnamon or dehydrated appples!!!! sooo goood!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am playing futbol alot and learning alot. The gospel is coming alive more than it has ever done before. I love it it is great. Castellano is coming along well and i think i have an exchange this week so it will be interesting. It will be with Elder Hurtado. He is from Neocan Arg. He is cool, he came the same day as i did and he roomed across from Currin at the mtc in Agrentina.

Thank you all for writing!!!!! it really gives me strength!!!! I love Conference. It was about the families and I love when they talk about families becausei know that it is esential to Gods eternal plan for all of us. It was amazing. I am glad i was able to listen to it in english so that i could understand it as well!!!!! My prayers are with you family!!!!! Always, may the Lord be with you!!!!!! Tell Hung I say Congradulations

HAPPY ANNEVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! i hope that you are doing good!!!! I heard that you had an interview!!!! that is amazing!!!!! i hope that you get the scholarship!!!!!!!! I know that you will you are the BEST!!!!!! Seriously!!!! You have given me soo much inspiration and you are such a great example!!!!!! How is the end of the school year treating you?? good i hope!!!! I ove to hear about the spiritual experiences that you have had!!!! Those give me strength to keep moving forward and focus on what is most important!!!! The plan we have is sooo perfect!!  How is lacrosse going?? is it almost over? not much more of school left and you will be at ASU woot woot!!!! I LOVE YOU MCKELL!!!! My prayers are with you and your family. Happy Anneversary again!!!! sorry this was soo short but i dont have much time to write.:( Tell your family that i love them. May the Lord bless you!!!!