Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010


How is everybody doing!!! It is funny, to see how Heavenly Father works at time...All we need to have at times is pacience. We have trials in ourlives for a reason, but as long as we have faith everything turns out good!!! :)

I cant believe Hans leaves tomoroow!!!!!!!!!! WOOOT!!!!!!!!! that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahaha i cant believe that or that B-dog leaves for his mission soon!!!! crazy!

Time here is very good. We cleaned our nast pension today, wow it looks much better now!!! This week we have had some good experiences. We had interviews with the Pres. this week!!! I love him!!! he is awesome, you can really feel his love and his spirit when he talks to you. it is awesome. however that takes all day so we didnt get much work in. i havent had a baptism yet but there are a couple lined up for next month that i am excited for. The end of the transsfer is coming up. only 2 weeks left of this transfer. and tomorrow i will have been here for a month.

The day after interviews we had exchanges. This is the highlight of my week. It was with a friend of mine, Elder Hurtado he is from Neoken.. i dont know how to spell it but i am pretty sure that that is wrong. He has been out for the same amount of time as me. He roomed across the hall from Currin Smith from our stake in the mtc. We had a great time. We contacted over 20 people and we found a new investigator, Mariano. We havent been able to teach him much since the initail meeting but he seemed very interested. Other than that it has been a normal week.

The work has been good. I am learning alot and we are working hard. We have had some interesting experiences. We sang at a members house for her this week, like you dad in the choir!!! I feel the spirit the most when i am singing a hymn. The lyrics are soo touching.

Everything is going good.No problems yet. i avent been sick or robbed or anything so life here is good. It feels like a dream though, i dont know why but it does. It is going by fast. I cant believe that i have been here a month already, CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE you family!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry it is short this week. I will try for a longer one next week. I will also try sending pictures. I tried last week but the comp. didnt work!! so next week i will try because this comp cant take a usb.

my prayers are with you all LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!