Saturday, September 4, 2010

August 30, 2010

Hey Family!!!
How is everybody doing??? I hope that everybody is relaxing and what not after the big last week and whatnot!!I have had an interesting week, or better said, weekend. But i am glad to hear that everything is going good down there. I am happy that Erik is happy and Alesha is happy and that they are settling down now!!! I cant believe Bryce is that big and tell Jack that i am proud of him!!! tell him that he is taking on the name of his big bro "stormin mormon" hahaha When i read about blaine in the temple i became really super happy!!! I consider Blaine a best friend and to hear that he has gone through the temple and preparing for his mission makes me extremly happy!!!!

It looks like it is about to rain here. It went from a clear day to a dark afternoon. We played volleyball as a zone today too, that was pretty fun. There are some funny elders in the zone and i thought that it was a pretty fun time.

I really like the duty to God that just came out too!!!! It is really goood. it is a perfect method to help young men prepare to go on a mission. then it relates there activities to there life in a way that makes it more personal. Their goals are more personal and they get the opportunity to share the experiences which will increase their testimony about the thing that they are learning or the activity that they are doing at the specific time. This also enable more spiritual experiences because they will have to actively learn and live the Gospel and thereroe there will be many more powerful missionaries in the world. This Duty to God is perfect and i think it could be taken as sign of the preperation of the 2nd coming. i dont knwo and that is not doctrinal but i like to think of it like that.

So e had an investigator named Estela. We have been teaching her for about 3-4 weeks now. She has been reading the Book Of Mormon and finally started praying if the church is true. I thougt that was interesting. Yesterday was the first time she came to regular church meeting because she came the week before but it as stake conference. So she gets all the way to sacrament, because we have sacrament last hour here. She seemed fine and everything. So he sat next to two sisters from the ward. Then she got up and went to the bathroom... came back and sat next to my comp. I was sitting with oter investigator at this time so i didnt realized what was going on, but she feel asleep. then my comp woke her up to take the sacrament... then she feel asleep again. then she started to jump in her sleep- supposedly. My comp just thought she was tired so let her sleep. Then she started shaking a little bit and a sister behind started freaking out and stuff. Luckily a man from the south who is a director of a hospital was there. Ths meeting stopped and stared at my comp and i and this lady who was now laying on the bench. the doctor told us to sit back down she is alright. Soon after that she rolled off the bench and was on the ground. Then she woke up and left to the foyer... next i hear that she is sleeping in the foyer. I was thinking "oh great - everybbody thinks that my investigators are crazy and that we arnt good missionaries and the sacreament is all distracted now. Poor speaker..." My comp and i left to talk to this doctor and he tol us that she has a mental problem and that she was fully conscience when she was doing this... that she did it in order to get atttention. This investigator hadn´t told us that she ha this problem but in the end, after almost everybody left she got up and said that se was tired and thats it. then we walked her two blocks from her house.... the story is sad but really funny becuase it was sooo outrageously crazy it was funny. We were told that she wouldnt not be able to be baptized because she would do this everytime that she comes to the church. so that as really weird and we lost her as an investigator but in the end my comp and i just laughed about it. what a crazy day.

Other than that the work is moving forward. We have a young man that we are teaching and his mother. We have the answers that nobody else can answer so i feel that we will have ome succes with them!!!

Thank you for all you doo!! and yes mom i got your package!!! Thank you!!!! I just want you to know.. dont take offense but i had to get rid of some of the candies because they had taquila in it...But i am very happy that you sent it!!! it made me feel really good!!!!! and the candies were very goood!!!!! I am really blessed to have a mother like you mom a father like you dad!!!!!

Love you family!!!!!!!!! I am praying for you all!!!!!

Con Amor