Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

hey Family!!!
Starting from the beginning of the week, we didnt do much. i had to go to the offices becuase my comp was in the offices before and he was called to help with some computer stuff. I, however, got the priviledge to water the plants in the church building where the offices are. It was kinda fun, and afterwards, the financero took my comp and i to lunch. That was pretty good. 

Tuesday i had intercambios with an Elder named Elder Champlin from Logan Utah. He is was cool and with him i was able to set a baptismal date with one of our investigators. That was pretty exciting!!

Wednesday there was a census and we had to stay in for the morning until the person came to do the census. After that we spent some time getting to know the Bishop and his family better and helping fix the ward list.
Thursday was just a normal day. We did contacts and we found a guy that says that he wants to change. he is from bolivia and has been living here for 10 years. the thing is that he has an addiction to alcohol and maybe drugs. We will try to work with him and help him overcome these problems.

Friday was also the same. It was rainging and i dont like the rain here. the reason for that is because there are roads that are dirt and the isnt fun when you have to walk all day in muddy roads. I dont mind it a whole lot but we usually walk around the whole day wet, and many people dont like to anwer their doors when it is raining outside.
Saturday we had a baptism!!! this was the first time that i was able to baptize somebody. It was a young lady named Rut (ruth in english). Her parents are really weird, if not literally crazy. Her mom want to start her own church and her dad thinks that he is a prophet. She however was looking for the truth and has found it!!! She had to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. She has a very strong testimony abot the church and so this saturday was really special. Later on in the day we went to visit a family that has 4 kids that have baptism goals. When we got there the day told us to come in, but after we started walking up to the house door, the mother came out and she was crying, telling us that we needed to come back another day. The dad was drunk and i dont know if he was beating the wife or verbally abusing her, but the situation wasnt good at all. We had a little lesson with the kids outside but i felt really sad. that is absolutely horrible, but i dont know what i could do..

Sunday was good. Rut was confirmed and i gave a talk about missionary work. I didnt think that i wsa very clear in the talk but the members said that i did a good job...  i hope so hahaha I was feeling sick though during the day and i didnt sleep too well last night. There was/is something wronng with mi estomago.

That is very intersting that you bring up the point about reading the Book of Mormon dad. There is absolutely no way that someboday can gain a testimony of the church without reading the Book of Mormon. I was reading in Helaman today, and it was talking just about that, Reading the scriptures changes somebody... especially by reading the Book Of Mormon. the scripture is Helaman 15 i think it is 7, 8, and 9. It talks about reading the scriptures makes you obtain faith in Chirst and then repent and change until your heart changes. I hope that everybody is doing alright and that it is nice abd calm this week...

the funny story this week is that i stepped in a sanja. a sanja is an open sewer that lines the street. I disnt see it becuase we were walking at night and it was convered with grass. I stepped in and thus breaking a goal i had of never stepping in a sanja.

I love you all and i pray for you all!!! Please be safe and i hope that you all have a good week!!!
Keep up the good work Hans!! It might get a little harder this winter but the Lord will put those that are prepared in your path!!

Con Amor
Elder Shane Larson