Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 31, 2011

Dear Family!!!!
 It sounds like everything there is going great!!!!! I am happy to hear that!!! I cannot believe that everybody is taller than you now dad, i can harldy imagine that. I very much like your goal as well, mom. The old testament is hard to understand, but there are good stories in it that we can learn from, as well as dad is super smart and know sooo much that you can always ask him to explain what is going on.

It sounds like the family is doing good and that dad is busy with church and the activities and stuff. That is really good. This last week we had a baptism!!! It went super well and i was priviledged to confirm the lady. She is super cool and was super prepare for her baptism. I loved teaching her because it make her soo happy to her about the Gospel and the truth. I live the feeling that i was able to help her recieve the very important ordinances!! I was also able to gain more knowledge and a stronger testimony about the importance of the Priesthood in the world. I felt that i was an instrument in the Lord´s hands and that this is a very important and special experience and privilege. It was something super special to me and i am glad and thankful that i could experience it.

Other than that, this week has not been filled with alot of action. I have seen some good storms this last week, but other than that not much. We need to find more investigators here because we are lacking investigators. I hope that we can find more!! There is a family that used to take the lessons a while back that we had found, and we hope to have a good lesson with them this week!!!

I hope that everybody is doing well there at home!!!! I love you all!! and you are in my prayers!!!

Elder Shane Larson