Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Hey Family!!!!!!!!!
Well, this weekwas not like any other week that i have had in the mission. I was with my mini, but he got some kind of lesion/ severe blister looking thing on his foot, and had to return to his house. He was a great mini missionary and was a great example to me. He had the problem with his vision, in which he could not see out of one eye and a little out of the other, and on top of that he had this problem with his foot, but he still had the desires to work and to continue. He tried to continue until he couldnt continue anymore, and he gave me a great example to never give up. I hope that he is doing well now.

On wednesday he went home and i had to stay with the office elders for the night. The next morning i got a new companion named Elder Sosa, also a mini missionary. It was horrible the first day because there was a mixup in my keys and the keys of the other elders so we left late to go to Las Flores. After we waited for a long time we caught the bus and then the got a flat half the way there, but luckily we were at an official bus stop so it took only about 45 minutes to fix it and we were on our way. We arrived at about 8 in the evening. the mission is like that though, there are always challenges and alot of the time, nothing goes as planned.

I think that the weekend went good though. It rained saturday inthe morning andwe worked good. 

Sundays i give classes for thje converts that recently got baptized and for the investigators. The class was on Our Heavenly Father and our Heavenly Family. I recieved a testimony of the Love of God during the class, as well as the love of Christ. It was a great experience. Also we took a moment to talk about the power of God and His creations... one of the daughters of the members, she is 6 years old, told he that God is like the door in the room and we are like bacterias. I am always amazed of how many great truths that one can learn from children.

My prayers are with you all and i love you all!!! I hope that everybody is doiong well!!!! Tell everybody that i love them!!!Tell Pres. Tilleman i say congrats!!!!!!!!!!

love Elder Shane Larson