Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hey Familia!!!!!!!!!!1
It sounds like everything is going good there at the house. i am glad that everything went well for you dad in the Book of Mormon Journey!! That sounds fun what you did and i do think about my  bow  at times as well as the 4th of July shoot.  It souinds like Erike should have had a good time on his cruz as well. That is interesting  what hans saw a drunk man in the middle of the streeet that couldnt hardly walk... that is pretty sad, but that is a good lesson learned. 

This last week was pretty good.  We walked alot b ecause we had some days without many lessons. We were walking up to 150-170 blocks a day. Las Flores is pretty small though, so we walk almost the whole area every day, or everyother day. I learned a lesson this week that when we have problems or when times get difficult, we have to keep on going. The Lord blessed m e and my companion in the  week end and we were able to find some people and  have some lessons. 

 My comp is from close to here, a place called longchamps. He is 23 years old and he is preparing to go on a misison. He is enjoying  Las Flores, and has never visited here before. The time is passing by fast and i cannot believe that i  have  been here for almost 1 year. 

I am sorry that this letter isnt very interesting and is kinda short. I cannot think of what happened very well right now. Thank you  very much for the package of candies!!!  They are ver y good!!! Something funny  th at happened th is weeeek, i had to give a talk in church and the branch president called mee the night before. I tired to prepare my talk and  had it all ready, but when i gave it i couldnt think clearly and i am not sure how well it turned out... i hope it turned out well. 

I love you all and i hope that you are all safe!!! My prayers  are wi th you!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Larson